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Help IDing a TN warblers species and 1 Sparrow (1 Viewer)


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Hey everyone,
I've got a few bird photographs that I'm trying to ID. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is low, which is making it a little difficult to positively ID the birds captured. All of these birds were photographed in Tennessee near at a swamp near a lake.
The first two photographs I believe show a Tennessee Warbler, but perhaps not because the birds in my photograph seem to have more defined wing bars than the reference photos I've seen. However, like the TN warbler, the birds in my photo have the white under-tail and faint chest stripes (which I've seen in one reference photo).

The bird I'm interested in IDing in the third photo (named: DSCN2259) is on the left side of the picture, next to the Northern Flicker. It looks like some kind of sparrow to me. If I had to guess I'd say a common song sparrow, but I may be off base here.

The forth photo I'm have trouble with, partly because of the poor quality. This bird appeared to be, as the photo shows, somewhat plump and roundish. It wasn't moving very fast but was far away. It was scurrying around a dirt mound, probing what appeared to be insect (maybe termite) holes, looking for food. I thought maybe a flycatcher, but this bird is too big for that it seems. Perhaps it could be a plump veery or thrush, but I noticed the faint stripes on the flanks. These flank stripes might indicate some kind of warbler. I can't make out any marked wing bars on this bird, but it could be due to lack of photo quality.

Thanks for the help,


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D Halas

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The birds in the first two photos are Yellow-rumped Warblers. Tennessee Warblers never have any streaks on the breast or belly; if you found a photo of one with streaks, then it was a mislabelled picture of a different species.

The bird in the third photo is a female House Finch. The bird in the fourth photo might be some kind of warbler, but is probably unidentifiable.

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