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Help with Raptor ID (1 Viewer)


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I seriously require assistance trying to place this bird that I saw yesterday. For all the world it had the colourings of a Montagu harrier but this thing was huge, it didn't have the pointed wings and was definitely not a Montagu harrier the colourings are the only similarity it had..........but what it is I have no idea.

"Another mysterious Raptor which I have yet to determine.

I saw the biggest raptor ever, circling around a hilly area past a forest. It flew over a smaller wooded area and I followed it by road for quite a while. It landed occasionally on the hill not settling for long before taking off again. It seemed to do flips in the sky occasionally, like it was rolling over from the wing 360degrees. Magnificent. It circled high up in the sky once it passed over the hill area.

It was huge, it had black wing tips/fingers and appeared to have a grey/white back body, although it was very dark underneath, nothing I have ever seen before...........it was amazing. It was the biggest bird that I have ever seen, even bigger than the Eagle that we saw a bit further on."

Any clues?

Rob Smallwood

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The only bird larger than a Golden Eagle in Scotland would normally be a White-tailed Eagle - juveniles can be pale above with darker wing tips, but not as grey as you describe I wouldn't have thought?

The description you give sounds more like male Hen Harrier, with pperhaps the dark under-side being a trick of the light perhaps - but then this would be smaller than your Eagle.



Brunswick Birder
Are you sure it was a raptor? Other Possibilities are Grey Heron or even Common Crane.


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Vipers said:
Are you sure it was a raptor? Other Possibilities are Grey Heron or even Common Crane.

I'd go for Crane. They certainly look gigantic when soaring low down, although I'd have thought the long neck would have been apparent if the bird were close.

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