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Well, I'm back home again for the winter after closing down our "holiday home" - a static caravan at the side of a fishing lake.
I spent this morning cleaning the feeders and putting them up in the back garden.
Four hours have passed and apart from a robin and a great tit - no takers.
I realise that it will take some time for the birds to find the feeders, but I'm a bit worried about the goldfinches. I have kept the niger seed feeder going all summer and usually have up to 14 goldfinches at a time, but I've not seen any in the last two days. I suppose there must be a lot of natural food around at the moment.
I will not be getting the camera out yet. I will let the birds get used to the feeders first.
I have four new target birds to try and attract. They are:
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Any one of the four will be a terrific result.
I also want to get a good photo of the wren who spends his time down the edge of the hedge. That will present more technical problems, but is achievable given patience and a good deal of luck.
It could be a long winter!!!


How do you go about attracting the woodpecker? There are a few woodpeckers (Gila woodpeckers, I think) hanging around the trees on my property but they spook easily.

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