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Herp IDs - northern Greece (1 Viewer)


Richard Chew
I am hoping that someone can kindly help me with the identification of several species of herps.

I am primarily a birdwatcher and I do not have much difficulty with bird IDs (he says confidently!).

However, I visited the far north of Greece (from Prespa Lakes via Lake Kerkini to Evros Delta) in May of this year and amongst a huge trip list (birds), I saw several different species of snake, frog, terrapin and lizard which I am having difficulty identifying despite buying the Collins Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe.

Unfortunately I did not manage any photos of the snakes so they will probably go unidentified. However, one species that I saw more than once was a green/olive colour above with a lighter pattern below plus they were large. I also saw a swimming snake species at Lake Kerkini which was not a Grass Snake which I am familiar with. Any ideas given my very limited (pathetic!) descriptions?

I was able to photograph some frogs and lizards plus tortoise and terrapin species which hopefully someone can identify for me.

There will be some more to follow ....


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Richard Chew
And some more ....


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Andy Adcock

Well-known member
The Tortoise should be Hermann's I think.

Terrapin is European Pond Terrapin.

Pics 3 and 5 in 2nd post look like Common / Viviparous Lizard.

Pics 2 and 4 look like Italian Wall Lizard.

Frogs are hard, possibly Common and Pool Frog.

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1st uploads from left:
Testudo graeca ibera - Moorish tortoise
Testudo hermanni boettgeri - Hermann's tortoise
frogs: Pelophylax ridibundus - Marsh frog
Emys orbicularis - pond turtle
2nd uploads from left and 3rd:
Testudo hermanni boettgeri
all lizards probably Podarcis muralis - wall lizard (hard to say by these pics, maybe erhardii)


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