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Hill farmers comment on grouse moor subsidy - The Guardian (1 Viewer)

Hill farmers comment on grouse moor subsidy article - The Guardian

Amid the usual trolling and back biting there was this comment on George Monbiots article re shotgun licence and grouse moor subsidies.

29 April 2014 3:11pm

There's a clear mistake in a lot of the comments below I want to address -
I'm from a hill farm in the North Yorkshire Moors, we're surrounded by some very exclusive grouse and pheasant moors.
There is a clear division between the farmers in the area and The Shoot. There is a continual conflict of interests evident in that relationship. Most farmers are forever being driven to their wits end by shoot operations - the gamekeepers appear unannounced on the land, often a bunch of lads brought in from the city who fancy themselves as SAS soldiers. They leave gates open, worry livestock and generally are a complete pain in the arse.
Ontop of this, they kill oll the natural predators, our farm is encircled by woodland - on one two hour walk out I found about 10 snares and 10 stoat traps. I have also watched birds of prey (red kites) newly arriving on the land disappear at the keepers visit. Thius means that the farm is completely overrun with rabbits - COMPLETELY. If you drive into a field at sun-down you will see maybe a hundred rabbits under the wall. As a result of this hay fields produce small fair - this was a surprise to me also - I couldn't believe that a little bunny rabbit could have such an effect but when there are thousand on the land this is the effect.
The shoot is contracted to keep the rabbit population down as part of the agreements - but it is only necessary because they kill all the predators - still their effect is negligible.
While this is going on the farmers of the area when meeting the shoot on the moor roads will be driven into the ditch by Lord Ponce and his entourage. On several occasions I have had one of these tweed suited p****s stand in the middle of the road and insist that I drive around him.
SO... PLEASE DON'T LUMP FARMERS AND SHOOTERS INTO THE SAME CATEGORY! Really. Most farmers can't stand the shoots.
The situation is impossible though, an example:
We found a goshawk shot on the farm a while ago, the carcass was given to the RSPB - a fuss ensued the shoot came under criticism. For the following month every gate on our farm was left open everytime the keepers drove through the land. This, obviously, completely screwed up the running of the farm.
This is the reality of the situation in the moors. The farmers are forced to keep their mouths shut and doff their caps to the shoot.
Of course, a few farmers earn some extra cash 'beating pheasants' and like to be involved with the glitz of the shoot (Sean Connery appearing etc.) but they are the minority, most would happily see the lot of them run out of town for the disrespectful, abusive, land raping p****s they are.
Full stop."
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Allen S. Moore

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Isle of Man
Those "if it moves, shoot it" blankers claim to speak for the countryside, too. Didn't you have the Countryside Alliance in your country a few years ago? I see that the alliance has totally collapsed; can't even shut the farm gates.
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