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Hiya. I'm new here (1 Viewer)


United Kingdom
Hiya I'm Faye

I just started in the last few weeks feeding the birds on the communal grass behind where I live. I live in a very built up urban densely populated area close to the city centre. Its very close to main roads and a duel carriageway.

Behind my sitting room there's a communal grass area no-one uses. There's a long bush and years ago I left a shallow plant/seed tray next to the wall at the end, that it has a flat bottom. It's filled up with rain water and all the birds drink and bath in it.

I noticed in the daytime the birds come at intervals, the bluetits, robins and blackbirds all seem to come together then all disappear together then come back all day long...Where will they actually live? There are some thicker bushes that don't loose their leaves and longer grass with daffodils and crocuses further up..could it be in there?

I started when it snowed in February. So far I give them suet pellets, dried mealworms and birdseeds and sometimes grated cheese and sultanas

What else can I give them?

I have bluetits, great tits (I think, they look the same but much bigger) a pair of magpie, a few common pidgeons, a pair that come together; one only has one foot and the other has a white head so they are recognisable.

A huge wood pidgeon, robins, and a family of blackbird, a couple of males and a couple of females. There are smaller birds that come with the blackbirds, at first I thought sparrows, but now I think could be juvenile blackbirds?? And a Dove.

There was a pair of crows too, they would watch the smaller birds feeding at the beginning, but they never came to eat themselves.There was a huge nest in the top of a tree for several years or as long as I remember I noticed...and I've lived here 8 years...but today I suddenly realised the nest has gone and I don't see the Crows.... I saw them about a half mile down the road...could it be the same pair or different ones?

delia todd

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Hi Faye and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I look forward to hearing your news. Blackbirds will nest in a thick hedge, as will Robins. Blue Tits will use holes and nest boxes. The 'smaller' birds won't be young Blackbirds though as they're the same size as the adults. If they're small and brown, they could well be House Sparrows, or maybe Dunnocks, possibly female Chaffinches.

You could try adding some sunflower hearts to the feed offered. May I also suggest you post in the Garden Birds, Bird Feeding and Nestboxes forum where you'll get more ideas and help.


United Kingdom
Here they are. I've not got the best camera ... One of the blackbirds and one of the small brown birds

Yes I will post in some other threads. Thank you ☺️


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Welcome to Birdforum! I am sure that you will find lots to interest you here and I hope you enjoy your visits.

The small brown bird is a dunnock.

You could try feeding fat balls and peanuts too.

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