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House sparrow with leaf (1 Viewer)


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Shot this one a few days ago. The leaf is probably intented for its nest.
I can not make out if the picture is good or not! Have been staring at it too long!
Comments are very welcome
Canon D60 with 100-400mm L is usm [email protected]
1/100 F.5.6 +1/3 EVmetering ISO 200

I rather think that the 1/3 compensation was not needed perhaps.


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    house sparrow leaf copy.jpg
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I like the bird holding the leaf,the bright bud is distracting and draws the eye away from the bird.I would have cloned out any distractions.I'm sure most would prefer the bird facing toward the viewer.


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Thank you all.
I know what you mean, Rob.....a bit of vegetations is more natural rather than always a 'portrait' of the bird.
I agree, MI Phill, that the bright bud is rather prominant but too clone it out is quite a job.....it means cloning out all the stuff on the right of the bird.......where do you stop! Any ideas? Sure, the bird facing my way would have been nicer! They are very bad at posing properly.
Thank you for looking and thinking!


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Hi Paula you stated,

"I agree, MI Phill, that the bright bud is rather prominant but too clone it out is quite a job.....it means cloning out all the stuff on the right of the bird.......where do you stop! Any ideas?"

The cloning of the bud is not a major operation and I am not being sarcastic in any way when I say that.I usually eliminate distractions in small steps until I get the right "feel" for the image.Photo-editing software is to be used as a tool to enhance images.I use PhotoShop Elements currently to modify/enhance my images mainly for contrast/brightness adj.


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Fantastic picture. Of all the times I have looked at this rather pesky bird this photo shows the outstanding definition in the feathers and just a small part of the true beauty of the bird. Although pictures of birds facing the camera are great, to actually get close from behind any bird is a feat in itself and to get such a clear picture is even better.
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Hi Paula, it is a little known fact that some birds put herb leaves (especially ones with volatile oils in them like the Sage leaf it's holding) into their nests to keep nest parasites down. Not a lot of people know that.


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Thank you all again, this is the way to learn.
Steve, how interesting about the sage leaf. I did not know that birds do that.
MI Phill, thanks again, as soon as I have time I shall have a go at cloning out the offending bud and repost the pic. I do appreciate Your comments.
I am a bit busy building a permanent hide, which is hard work!

KC Foggin

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LOL Paula. Been there - done that with staring at a photo too long.

I think it is an excellent photograph. Very crisp and the background is soft. I would be pleased as punch with a photo that turned out this well.


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Hi Paula,

I have not read the other critiques so that I may give a more unbiased critique. So excuse me if some, or all, of what I say is repeated.

The crop on the right is much too close, resulting in part of the tail being clipped. I would have preferred more room on the left also, giving the impression that the bird look towards something. As is I do not "feel" a balance to the photo. DOF appears to have been well selected. Good job. The bud/leaf that has the bright spot around it is distracting, but easily dealt with by clone/rubber stamp tool. Other than this one particular spot, I think you choose correctly to go 1/3 exposure compensation. That was a good call. I would suggest taking those two white spots just below the shoulders (one on each side) and using levels to tone them down a little bit. It is very difficult when there is just a small part of white, yet one has to compensate for the whole photo. It also looks like the head feathers may have been sharpened just a tad too much (if no sharpening was done, then it is probably just JPEG artifects). I do like the range of colors/tones thoughout the photo. However, the main reason why I am giving it a one star rating is because of the positioning of the bird. Other than its eye, obviously no other part of its face is observable, something I always want to see in the photo, and which invariably will give a photo more character.

Please do not think I am being critical of you.


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Hi Paula!
I think with a little more room for the tail in bottom right, and a turn of the head towards you, so the beak was in profile, you would have an excellent photo here! I like the position of the bud, but wish it (and the bright highlight behind it) were a little darker so as not to distract from the bird. Exposure looks fine to me. Keep up the good work!


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Yea, yea, if only!...... The bird had flown in no time at all, taking its leaf with it!!


Ken Noble
Don Whiteman said:
I have a similar shot of a sparrow in a colorful bush but don't know how to attach it hereto.

Don, click the 'Post reply' button at the bottom of the thread (it's green) and then fill in your message and then go to the 'attach file' slot where you can click on 'browse' and choose the file you want to upload on your pc.
I hope you will show us some of your pix!

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