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How do I get rid of crows? (1 Viewer)


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How do I stop crows from coming to the bird feeding station? Sometimes a lot of them appear in people's backyard then they move to someone else's backyard. When this happens a few of them will go to bird feeding station. There are 3 places I gave birds to eat from- the bird feeder with bird seeds. On the bottom a bowl of bird seeds and on the ground a tray with 2 bowls of bird seeds. When it rains I leave the bird feeder protected by a dome. Then under porch I leave 2 wooden platform bird feeders. This is what I did the last time it rained but a small bird was dead. I was mad because I gave them a lot of places to eat from. I am not sure what kind of bird killed it but if it's not the crow then it might be a dove. The doves are usually peaceful but once in a while they might fight. The problem is the small birds sometimes eat from where they are which is usually the big tray with 2 bowls even though they can go to bird feeder or just wait until no other birds are there. The crows are the most violent and sometimes hundreds appear in people's backyard. Only like 10 will go to bird feeding station at once. When this happens other birds leave. Then if I am home I go outside so they can leave. I don't want these black birds here at all because they are too big and cab hurt other birds.


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Would it be possible to put cages around the feeders so that the small birds can gain access but the crows can't?


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Learn to enjoy them! Crows have many fascinating behaviors and are extremely intelligent. You can learn a lot from watching them.


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Buy a hanging tube feeder or put a feeder in a cage. Crows are difficult to get rid of otherwise in a way not scaring smaller birds.


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Don't shoot them; they're only behaving as any wild animal will. It may also be illegal in your area.

Cages around the feeders are the best solution. You may have some luck with hanging up a fake dead crow- anecdotally this will keep the real ones away.


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Unfortunately crows are my least favourite bird! They have a nasty habit of pecking out the eyes of living lambs. I have had to shoot a fair number of lambs for this reason. I am no longer farming so don't have to worry about it now.
For me, there are many ways to keep crows away from bird feeders. The first is to build a fence with small halls where only small birds can enter, not big ones like crows. Next is to use a commercially available anti-crow feeder, or you can make your own by tying two domed wire hangers together and attaching them to a table pole.


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I've had battles of wits with crows and feeders before, but for me the solution is simple in the end: Only use hanging feeders and make sure that the mesh is small enough that only small bills can fit through. Crows have been after the food, but in my experience have not actually attacked the birds.
In all cases make sure the feeders are placed about 2 metres from cover so that birds have a good view of their surroundings and can't be ambushed easily.

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Get plenty of caged feeders. I moved my feeding station today away from the nestboxes . Moved my feeder station away from the nestbox just Incase big birds come and put off small birds trying to nest in the box. Happened last year Blue Tits seemed interested in the box in the shed but Crows and Magpies kept going to the feeder which caused the Blue Tits not to nest so fingers crossed it won’t happen this year.


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I have a hawk issue and have 4 Crows that show every day, usually late but when they are there the hawks do not appear. I like the crows they're birds too.
…and possibly the most intelligent of all birds.
They are one of only 3 or 4 animals in the world, known to use tools in an intelligent way.
They use tools, not just to crack nuts etc. but use tools to access other tools, which they need for the job.


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