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How do you use the leather pouch of the UV BL? (1 Viewer)


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I have Ultravid Blackline with this nice leather pouch.
Dumb question: how do you use it?

It has, on one side, those two push-buttons and a flap.
I generally put the binoculars in with the focusing knob the side of the flap, so that the push buttons around it, and the added thickness of the flap, protect it.
Is this the direction it's intended to go in?

If they go in this direction, it is then very awkward to have the strap come out of the sides of the flap. Do you actually thread the strap into the flap opening? Or do you leave it outside? Or do you wrap it around the binoculars and put it inside?

I apologize for the surely dumb questions... Many thanks!

Alexis Powell

Natural history enthusiast
United States
Can you show us a picture? I thought the BL came with a leather hard case. The BA and BN came with a leather zipper case with a hard floor for the objectives and two snaps and a flap on the other end so that the strap could be threaded through the top if desired. It sounds like you are putting your bin into your case sideways from what is intended.



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No, my BL somehow came with the BA/BN case. I think Leica is selling them with the new case. Which I like as it takes only a small space.


The BA/BN case/covering is wonderful because you can just stuff it in a pocket, but less than ideal to get on/off. You're meant to have the strap through the snap-flap opening when carried (with the focuser therefore pointed out away from the flap), but I find that a bit effortful to do and undo so I never used the flap. When I carry the bino I have the case off; inside a pack I zip around most of the way and leave the strap hanging out the remaining opening on the side. You can do it whichever way you prefer, or buy an Ultravid leather (or just cordura!) case instead since your BL may seem a bit less rugged than the old BA/BN... although I'm not sure that's so.
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