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How is your 2009 List Going? (1 Viewer)

Larry Lade

Yesterday while birding my local area around the oxbow lakes, Saint Joseph, Missouri, I observed this bird:

118. Eastern Towhee

Today up at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City, Missouri, I added two (2) more year birds for Missouri.

119. Great Egret
120. Semipalmated Sandpiper


David Daniels
United States
I went out this afternoon after work and added four new birds to my Year List, which is now up to 128.

125. Western Great Egret
126. Laughing Gull
127. Pectoral Sandpiper
128. Vesper Sparrow



United States
Not going great. Have not broken 100. Maybe saturday. I have a project with my son that will take a good chunk out of April and May. Will have to catch warblers after work in parks.


Well-known member
Tero, you probably shouldn't read this . . .

A thunderstorm early, and stiff NW winds all day, kept migrants down close to the coast today.
At San Bernard NWR:
170. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (a flock of 20—never seen so many at once)
171. Black-throated Green Warbler
172. Nashville Warbler (a lifer)
173. Worm-eating Warbler (a lifer)
174. Chimney Swift

At Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary:
175. Blue-winged Warbler
176. Black-chinned Hummingbird
177. Yellow-throated Warbler
178. Indigo Bunting
179. Orchard Oriole
180. Eastern Wood Peewee

What a fantastic day! There were times when I had three different species of Warbler within 5 feet of me—no binoculars needed.

Peter C.

...just zis guy, you know?
Thursday, April 2

What a fantastic day! There were times when I had three different species of Warbler within 5 feet of me—no binoculars needed.
Fabulous day, BeesWing! With any luck, this will be my situation* in about 4 weeks time ... the express has left the station, it's coming our way...

In the meantime, I will have to content myself with temperate migrants and lingering winter birds, such as:

154: Lesser Scaup

Good luck,
Peter C.

*Well, maybe not the Black-chinned Hummingbird...


Well-known member
Down to Quintana again today. Numbers were much reduced (except for mosquitoes) but the mix of birds to see hadn't changed very much. Picked up:
181. Great Crested Flycatcher
182. Kentucky Warbler
183. Catbird

The express is started indeed and the next few weeks should be lots of fun.


Ho Ho Ho
Currenntly in Dal Lat, S. Annam, Vietnam. Good birding and managed to connect with a couple of the endemics as well.

170. Chinese Francolin
171. Mountain Imperial-pigeon
172. Collared Owlet
173. Golden-throated Barbet
174. Gray-capped Woodpecker
175. Burmese Shrike
176. Indochinese Cuckoo-shrike
177. Gray-chinned Minivet
178. White-faced Jay
179. Green-backed Tit
180. Green-backed Tit
181. Yellow-cheeked Tit
182. Black-throated Tit
183. Chestnut-vented Nuthatch
184. Red-whiskered Bulbul
185. Brown-breasted Bulbul
186. Flavescent Bulbul
187. Mountain Bulbul
188. Ashy Bulbul
189. Black Bulbul
190. Gray-bellied Tesia
191. Ashy-throated Warbler
192. Yellow-browed Warbler
193. Blyth's Leaf-warbler
194. Gray-cheeked Warbler
195. Chestnut-crowned Warbler
196. Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher
197. Large Niltava
198. Gray Bushchat
199. White-throated Fantail
200. White-throated Fantail
201. White-cheeked Laughingthrush
202. Collared Laughingthrush
203. Rufous-capped Babbler
204. Cutia
205. White-browed Shrike-babbler
206. Chestnut-fronted Shrike-babbler
207. Blue-winged Minla
208. Mountain Fulvetta
209. Gray-crowned Crocias
210. White-spectacled Sibia
211. White-bellied Yuhina
212. Gray-headed Parrotbill
213. Gould's Sunbird
214. Streaked Spiderhunter
215. Fire-breasted Flowerpecker
216. Slender-billed Oriole
217. Vinous-breasted Starling
218. Red Crossbill


Well-known member

As BeesWing's posts show, the migrants are really starting to flow through southeast Texas. I'll have to try to get to High Island to see them one of these next weekends.

In the meantime, my drive home from work yesterday produced good views of a pair of Swainson's Hawks.

#162. Swainson's Hawk.



United States
A little improvement today
95. brown thrasher
96. brown creeper
97. swainson’s thrush
98. ruby-crowned kinglet
99. savannah sparrow
100. greater white-fronted goose
101. american bittern
102. peregrine falcon
103. wilson’s snipe
104. american golden plover
105. brown headed cowbird

Charles Harper

End of the First Quarter

As at 31 March 2009, my Japan year list stands at 141, with highlights gleaned from a trip to Arasaki, Kyushu, where I added Hooded, Sandhill, White-naped, Common and Siberian White Cranes.

I'm a little short for the year because of a week's birding in Malaysia, but I'm not going to turn mine into a world year list, as I'm not likely to go anywhere else in 2009.

< sob! >


Well-known member
Few Birds Around

I birded Jesse Jones Park just north of Houston yesterday and saw very few birds. (Meanwhile the Audubon sanctuaries at High Island were hosting 17 species of warbler!)

The only bird of interest:
#163. Green Heron.


Larry Lade

April 4, 2009

New birds for Missouri 2009 year list.

122. Barn Swallow, Little Bean March, about 20 minutes south of Saint Joseph, Missouri.
123. Eastern Screech-Owl, Muskrat Lake, Saint Joseph, Missouri.


David Daniels
United States
I spent the last three days in West Virginia, and although it wasn't a birding trip, I did see some birds, including two new species for the year. My Year List is now up to 130.

129. Black-capped Chickadee
130. Common Raven


Peter C.

...just zis guy, you know?
April 4-5

This past weekend, spent a day down at Long Point (Lake Erie) volunteering at the Observatory. Weather on Sunday was glorious, and got a few FoY birds. We are still in the very early days of migration here, though, so only the hardiest birds are showing up this side of the border.

155. Merlin
156. American Coot
157. Sandhill Crane
158. American Woodcock
159. Bonaparte’s Gull
160. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
161. Eastern Phoebe
162. Carolina Wren
163. Eastern Towhee
164. Fox Sparrow

(Today, we’ve been dragged back into winter, kicking and screaming – 15 cm of lovely new wet snow is forecast!).

Peter C.

Larry Lade

April 6, 2009, Oxbow lakes region south of Saint Joseph, Missouri

124. Dunlin
125. Bonaparte's Gull
126. Loggerhead Shrike

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