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How is your 2009 List Going? (1 Viewer)


Anything About?
After yesterday's drab weather (and start to the New Year list) today perked up a bit especially once the snow stopped and the sun came out.

Bois de Boulogne (Longchamp) and River Seine

26. Long-tailed Tit
27. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
28. Grey Heron
29. Mute Swan
30. Cormorant
31. Green Woodpecker
32. Kingfisher
33. SongThrush
34. Redwing

Should have mentioned Red Squirrel yesterday - best thing seen all day!



Well-known member
Here's the list so far:
1. Pacific Loon
2. Common Loon
3. Pied billed Grebe
4. Brandt's Cormorant
5. Pelagic Cormorant
6. Double crested Cormorant
7. Great Blue Heron
8. Canada Goose
9. Cacklin goose
10. Trumpeter swan
11. American Wigeon
12. Mallard
13. Green winged teal
14. Ring necked Duck
15. Lesser Scaup
16. Surf Scoter
17. White winged scoter
18. Long tailed duck
19. Bufflehead
20. Common Goldeneye
21. Hooded Merganser
22. Common Merganser
23. Red breasted Merganser
24. Bald Eagle
25. Cooper's Hawk
26. Red tailed Hawk
27. Merlin
28. Peregrine Falcon
29. Black bellied plover
30. Killdeer
31. Black Turnstone
32. Surfbird
33. Sanderling
34. Dunlin
35. Black Oystercatcher
36. Mew Gull
37. Ring billed gull
38. Glaucous winged Gull
39. Rock Pigeon
40. Barred Owl
41. Anna's Hummingbird
42. Downy Woodpecker
43. Northern Flicker
44. Steller's Jay
45. Common Raven
46. North western Crow
47. Chestnut backed Chickadee
48. Bushtit
49. Red breasted Nuthatch
50. Brown creeper
51. Bewick's Wren
52. Winter Wren
53. Marsh Wren
54. Golden crowned Kinglet
55. Ruby crowned Kinglet
56. American Robin
57. Varied Thrush
58. European Starling
59. American Pipit
60. Yellow rumped Warbler
61. Spotted Towhee
62. Savannah Sparrow
63. Fox Sparrow
64. Song Sparrow
65. Lincoln's Sparrow
66. White crowned Sparrrow
67. Golden crowned Sparrow
68. Dark eyed Junco
69. Red winged blackbird
70. Western Meadowlark
71. Brewer's Blackbird
72. Purple Finch
73. House Finch
74. Pine Siskin
75. American Goldfinch
76. House Sparrow


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How is your 2009 List Going?

OK this is a little early, but thread now ready for 1st January:t:

Here's to another spectacular year ahead for
ALL BF Members across the world:t:

Best Wishes Penny:girl:

Hi Penny,

Myself and a team of three other birders managed 137 species on Jan 1st in Kent. I think I've managed one more species since then: Blackcap in my garden. So 138 so far....



Penny Clarke

Well-known member
83. Gadwall
84. Green woodpecker
85. Yellowhammer
86. Common Buzzard
87. Egyptian Goose
88. Brambling
89. Hen Harrier


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77. Wood Duck
78. Hairy Woodpecker
79. Pileated Woodpecker
80. Eurasian Wigeon
81. Hutton's Vireo
Birding spots near my house

Charles Harper

2009 in Japan

I spent the New Years' holiday on the Pacific coast of central Honshu and totted up 87 species. This is a good start to the year-- about average for my New Years' effort. I won't you bore you with the whole list, but here are the highlights (as perceived by this Japanese birder):

Eastern Reef Egret, Bean Goose, American Wigeon, Temminck's Stint, Latham's Snipe, and Thayer's Gull.

Good birding to all in 2009!

Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Early finish today *10am* so I took the opportunity to get out for a couple of hours and head to the coast at Boulmer :t: Didn't have anything spectacularly rare or unusual but some nice birds nonetheless o:) And being out in the open air was reward enough. Year List is up to 56 now which is a record for me - in 2008 it was almost the end of January before I reached that total! I'm aiming for 100 before this month is out o:)

39: Pied wagtail
40: Sanderling
41: Ringed Plover
42: Bar-tailed Godwit
43: Grey plover
44: Cormorant
45: Red-breasted Merganser
46: Stonechat
47: Song Thrush
48: Grey Heron
49: Rock Pipit
50: Dunnock
51: Reed Bunting
52: Wren
53: Yellowhammer
54: Dunlin
55: Fieldfare
56: Redwing

Biggest dip of the day was Tree Sparrow and Grey Partridge Both have been regulars in one particular spot for MONTHS yet today.....not so much as a feather to be seen! And to add insult to injury, I HEARD a grey partridge a number of times from one particular field but would he show? Would he heckers!!!! I'll try again on Tuesday :-O


David Daniels
United States
Despite intermittent drizzle and patches of fog on the lakes, I managed to add 11 to the Year List, which is now up to 76.

66. Northern Mockingbird
67. Bufflehead
68. Snow Bunting
69. Hooded Merganser
70. White-throated Sparrow
71. Red-headed Woodpecker
72. Eastern Towhee
73. Red-breasted Merganser
74. Ruddy Duck
75. Barred Owl
76. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

The Snow Bunting is a great bird for this area. I last saw one about five years ago or so.



Right way up again
Managed to not go on any of the trips I'd planned due to ill kids/ill me. Molto crappi, as I believe they don't say in Italy. But still pleased with the Water Pipits and Short-toed Treecreeper. A paltry 33 so far, but no rush.

Larry Lade

January 1 at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City, Missouri
1__ American Crow
2__ Canada Goose
3__ Red-tailed Hawk
4__ Belted Kingfisher
5__ Dark-eyed Junco
6__ American Robin
7__ American Tree Sparrow
8__ Red-winged Blackbird
9__ Bald Eagle
10__ Rough-legged Hawk
11__ Blue Jay
12__ Song Sparrow
13__ European Starling
14__ Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted)
15__ Northern Cardinal
16__ Red-bellied Woodpecker
17__ Eastern Bluebird
18__ Northern Shrike
19__ Common Ground Dove
20__ Downy Woodpecker
21__ Black-capped Chickadee
22__ White-breasted Nuthatch
23__ Tufted Titmouse
24__ American Goldfinch
25__ Great-tailed Grackle
26__ House Sparrow
27__ Eastern Meadowlark
28__ Common Merganser
29__ Rock Pigeon
30__ Horned Lark
31__ White-crowned Sparrow
32__ American Kestrel
33__ Eurasian Collared-Dove
34__ Snow Goose
35__ Western Meadowlark
36__ Mallard
37__ Cackling Goose
38__ Trumpeter Swan
39__ Northern Mockingbird
40__ Carolina Wren
41__ House Finch

January 2 at Amazonia, Missouri
42__ Mourning Dove

January 3 at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Sumner, Missouri
43__ Red-headed Woodpecker
44__ Hairy Woodpecker
45__ Ring-billed Gull
46__ Cedar Waxwing
47__ White-throated Sparrow
48__ Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
49__ Lapland Longspur
50__ Sharp-shinned Hawk
51__ Great Blue Heron
52__ Pileated Woodpecker
53__ Ross's Goose
54__ Northern Harrier
55__ Common Goldeneye
56__ Herring Gull
57__ Barred Owl
58__ Greater White-fronted Goose

January 4 in our yard, Saint Joseph, Missouri
59__ Cooper's Hawk

Steve Lister

Senior Birder, ex County Recorder, Garden Moths.
United Kingdom
January 4th..

100 = Linnet

All in Leics/Rutland so far, and 84 of them at Rutland Water.


Peter C.

...just zis guy, you know?
Trying to catch up...

January 1st, 2009

Well, I’m obviously very far behind here but…my excuse is, I just came off vacation in Mexico, and so have only recently regained access to a computer. (Yes, I know there are internet cafes in Mexico, but I didn’t want to waste valuable birding (and generally goofing-off) time looking for one). I know you’re all feeling terribly sorry for me, being cut off from the internet for days at a time...

Since it looks like I will likely be spending the rest of 2009 in boring old Canada, I’m going to include the vacation birds in my year list. I was on the Pacific coast of Guerrero, north of Zihuatanejo. We stayed in very small hotel in a village called Troncones. (I highly recommend this area, and birding in Guerrero in general; I've been to places with a lot more diversity, but this was a quality over quantity sort of experience.)

Birds are more or less in taxonomic order, rather than order of observation.

1. Brown Pelican
2. Magnificent Frigatebird
3. Green Heron
4. Black Vulture
5. Turkey Vulture
6. Short-tailed Hawk
7. Spotted Sandpiper
8. Wandering Tattler
9. Whimbrel
10. Ruddy Turnstone
11. Elegant Tern
12. Royal Tern
13. White-winged Dove
14. Orange-fronted Parakeet
15. Groove-billed Ani
16. Broad-billed Hummingbird
17. Cinnamon Hummingbird
18. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
19. Citreoline Trogon
20. Ladder-backed Woodpecker
21. Willow Flycatcher
22. Vermilion Flycatcher
23. Brown-crested Flycatcher
24. Tropical Kingbird
25. Warbling Vireo
26. Rufous-naped Wren
27. Sinaola Wren
28. Happy Wren
29. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
30. Rufous-backed Robin
31. Virginia's Warbler
32. Yellow Warbler
33. Black-throated Gray Warbler
34. Yellow-breasted Chat
35. Red-crowned Ant-tanager
36. Stripe-headed Sparrow
37. Northern Cardinal
38. Painted Bunting
39. Great-tailed Grackle
40. Streak-backed Oriole

Most of the birds I saw January first were on a half-day excursion into the Sierra Madre; plus a few birds seen from the hotel (at sea level) in the afternoon.

By the way, this was a very casual drive we took up into the mountains; we hadn’t a clue where to go, really, except that I knew from Steve Howell’s book that it’s a good idea to get up into the sierras for the change of habitat (his Bird-finding Guide to Mexico doesn’t cover the particular part of the state we were in). We just drove along the highway into the interior (#134) and stopped where it looked promising (and possible – there aren’t very many good places to pull over on these roads). But despite the unplanned nature of the trip, it proved to be a very good bet.

Peter C.
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No time for real birding yet, and some terrible (for here) weather. I've been limited to our yard, the college where I work and one brief drive along nearby roads. So just 51 species to date. The best bird: immature Bald Eagle.


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Eight more

Finally a good-weather morning and I fitted in an hour's birding on the Katy Prairie on the way to work.
52. Sandhill Crane
53. Snow Goose
54. Wilson's Snipe
55. Horned Lark
56. Marbled Godwit
57. Winter Wren
58. White-throated Sparrow
59. American Robin


durham giant

Well-known member
First bird- Herring gull- it freaked me out as i was stuck trying to open my gate with no light with the latch stuck, carrying salt, whiskey (expensive) and coal. It started shieking and flew right past!

i am up to... 103... oh.

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