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How is your 2009 List Going? (1 Viewer)


Darrell Neufeld
Lifer for a second!

Thought I had a lifer Greater White-fronted Goose for a second until I studied a bit with my scope and it turned into a ?


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It certainly surprised me, Larry. Like a female Pyrrhuloxia that turned up near where I work a few winters ago. However, she's been back every winter since, whereas I expect the Phalarope will never reappear here.



United States
Just need 4 more for N America, the Canadian birds took it near..I have been adding in the space before these..my list is not chronological
added tern adn dunlin also so now 198
187. *Northern Gannett CAN NS
188. *Great Black-Backed Gull CAN (also FIN below)
189. *Common Tern, CAN NS
190. *White Winged Scoter CAN NS
191. *Black Guillemot CAN NF
192. *Kittiwake CAN, NF
193. *Sooty Shearwater CAN NF
194. *Greater Shearwater CAN NF
195. *Atlantic Puffin CAN NF
196. *Lesser Black Backed Gull CAN (actually 198)

with Finland birds, went over 200
250. WILLOW TIT, hömötiainen, LIFER 363
251. GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, merilokki, (add to Finland list)
252. BARNACLE GOOSE, valkoposkihanhi, LIFER 364
253. COMMON EIDER, haahka, (add to Finland list)
254. EURASIAN OYSTER CATCHER, meriharakka (add to Finland list)
255. Common Crane, kurki (lifer 365)
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Charles Harper

Well sorry, I'm not keeping up very consistently here. Our latest rarity, a Western Sandpiper, had all the Tokyo photographers out, and brought my Japan year list to 203 at the end of September.


Anything About?
A trip to the UK boosted the list (see http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=155499 for a bit more detail). Some species may cause some raised eyebrows but this was only my second serious effort at birding in the WP (outside central Paris) this year!

189. Red Kite
190. Common Snipe
191. Gadwall
192. Yellow-legged Gull
193. Curlew
194. Grey Plover
195. Stonechat
196. Reed Bunting
197. Short-eared Owl
198. Brent Goose
199. Greater Black-backed Gull
200. Red-legged Partridge
201. Red-necked Grebe
202. Common Scoter
203. Wigeon
204. Cetti’s Warbler
205. Whimbrel
206. Common Gull
207. Linnet
208. Turnstone
209. Ringed Plover
210. Black-tailed Godwit
211. Golden Plover
212. Merlin
213. Dartford Warbler


Well-known member
Good bird

Got another species this morning:
268. Vermilion Flycatcher.

It's out of its range here but this is the 7th year an adult male has appeared on a local golf course.

I'm never going to reach 300 birds in the USA this year but I'm hoping for 200 in Texas. (I'm at 193.) My world total should be my best yet, though, as I'm having 10 days in Barcelona soon and then a day and a half in Costa Rica at the end of November.



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Pulling Teeth

Seeing new year birds is like pulling teeth at present!

#269. Sedge Wren (at work yesterday)

I fly to Barcelona on Thursday for 10 days, including a weekend at the Ebro Delta. Should see at least some new year birds and maybe some lifers there.

At the end of November I'll have a day and a half in Costa Rica and I'm hoping it will be productive! Pity I won't have more time there.


Dave B Smith

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Last weekend a trip to Tobago's Main Ridge added five year birds (and two T&T birds* for me)
282 White-tailed Sabrewing
283 Stripe-breasted Spinetail
284 Olivaceous Woodcreeper*
285 Blue-backed Manakin
286 Yellow-legged Thrush*

Larry Lade

November 5, 2009
261. Western Grebe, Smithville Lake, Smithville, Missouri
264. Clark's Grebe, Smithville Lake, Smithville, Missouri (confirmed, Nov. 8th)

November 6, 2009
262. Common Loon, Horseshoe Lake, Saint Joseph, Missouri

November 7, 2009
263. Red-breasted Merganser, Lake Contrary, Saint Joseph, Missouri

Peter C.

...just zis guy, you know?
Wednesday, November 18

Speaking of pulling teeth ... I'm down to hoping for vagrants (mostly). This week, the birding gods sent down (or, more correctly, "sent north") their blessings...

311. Phainopepla



Well-known member

No new birds for my US list, which is stuck at 269, but I did add 37 new year birds in Spain. Of these, 13 were lifers:
Pied Wagtail
White Stork
Common Sandpiper
Little Grebe
Reed Bunting
Greater Flamingo
Mediterranean Gull
Yellow-legged Gull.

The last 9 of these were seen in the Ebro Delta. Beautiful marshland but the birds stay well away from people, presumably because of all the hunting that goes on there.

All in all, I was disappointed by the birding in Barcelona and the Ebro Delta: 52 species in maybe 15 hours of birding. (A good scope would have increased the count.) Overall, certainly not as good as here in southeast Texas, where you can see 50 species in a morning at any one of several sites.

There were some great sights, though, like 100 Gray Herons in a flooded rice field and thousands of Greater Flamingos on a lagoon.

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David Daniels
United States
After a two-month dry spell, I finally added some birds to my Year List, which is now up to 853.

I drive eight hours round trip to southwest Michigan where a vagrant Ancient Murrelet has been on Lake Michigan for about a week or so. I saw my target (which was a lifer) plus two other species.

851. Ancient Murrelet
852. Red-necked Grebe
853. Fish Crow

On the way back, I stopped at a national wildlife refuge in northern Indiana where I added Black-capped Chickadee to my Indiana year list, which is now up to 231.


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