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How Is Your 2015 List Going? (1 Viewer)


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Weekend in Florida netted me some new ones for the year:

377. White Ibis
378. Boat-tailed Grackle
379. Anhinga
380. Limpkin
381. Tricolored Heron
382. Purple Gallinule
383. Little Blue Heron
384. Wood Stork
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Well-known member
I have had the opportunity to take a few more trips in the last two months, for work and for pleasure, and have enjoyed expanding my year list a bit further...

11 October

The Heights, Houston, TX, USA
199. White-winged Dove (New Lifer)
200. Great-tailed Grackle (New Lifer)

16 November

Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
201. Greater Scaup
202. Large-billed Crow (New Lifer)
203. Brown-eared Bulbul (New Lifer)

25 November

Clearwater Beach, FL, USA
204. Ring-necked Duck
205. Black-bellied Plover (New Lifer)
206. Willet
207. Sanderling
208. Royal Tern (New Lifer)
209. Sandwich Tern (New Lifer)
210. Fish Crow
211. House Wren (New Lifer)
212. Boat-tailed Grackle (New Lifer)

8 December

Hotel Intercontinental, Abu Dhabi, UAE
213. Kentish Plover (New Lifer)
214. Alexandrine Parakeet (New Lifer)
215. Rock Martin
216. White-spectacled Bulbul (New Lifer)

World life list: 464 (White-spectacled Bulbul, Abu Dhabi, UAE; December 2015)
UAE life list: 12 (White-spectacled Bulbul, Abu Dhabi, UAE; December 2015)
2015 year list: 216 (White-spectacled Bulbul, Abu Dhabi, UAE; December 2015)


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
A local rarity has been hanging out in my 'hood this past month, just been too busy to get it until now. And a surprise evening visitor was a bonus:

385. Merlin
386. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (local rarity, LA County)

Larry Lade

I have looked for Perdix perdix several times up north of Missouri (Minnesota and Iowa) and have thus far come away empty. Certainly would like to get that bird one of these days!


Well-known member
One more for the year-list while in Sweden last week:

221. Crested tit

So, it looks unlikely I'll surpass last year's total of 224, as I can't see myself getting out much over the next two weeks what with family commitments, but still my second best total in the 5 years I've been listing.

All-in-all, quite a mixed year:
For my UK list - 147 species is my lowest UK total since I started listing (161 last year, but typically mid 150s)
On the other hand, my Spain list exceeded 100 for the first time (in fact, 110) versus a previous best of 96, adding 54 unique species to the overall year-list; and a business trip to Sweden and Finland - including taking the ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki - netted 75 species, including 11 unique species for the year-list


Well-known member
Oh, and a footnote: my aim to try to see 1000 species (of any kind) locally, by bicycle or on foot, has fallen rather short. As of today, I am at 507 species!

Alga: 6
Amphibian: 4
Annelid: 3
Birds: 139
Fish: 3
Centipede: 2
Chromist: 4
Crustacea: 9
Echinoderm: 2
Fern: 4
Flowering plants: 188
Fungi: 21
Horsetail: 3
Insects (incl Springtails): 81
Mosses and liverworts: 4
Molluscs: 11
Spiders and other arachnids: 8
Mammals: 14

I probably have another 60-80 photos of species I just couldn't get an ID for, but the real problem I have found is how disruptive it is to be looking to identify everything!!


Will Jones
A few days ago I got my last bird in Sweden for this year which was also a lifer. Pity I only got to see it for a couple of seconds!

280. Ural Owl

I still have some fairly easy birds to get now that I'm back in the UK for the Christmas period. Whether I'll get out to see them though is another matter entirely...


I forgot my trip counts as a few days in 2015
188 bananaquit
188 Short tailed hawk
190 Blue-gray tanager
191 Band tailed pigeon
192 White winged dove
193 rufous-collared sparrow

Swindon Addick

Registered User
181 to date (plus the usual visit to the Muscovy ducks in Ely, just in case they become countable eventually)

160 at the end of October, 174 to end of November, 181 now. All in the UK.
Three lifers in the three months, ring-necked duck, caspian gull and grey phalarope. Plus some snow buntings at Horsey during my Norfolk holiday were my first ever self-found birds that Birdguides have put on their map.


David Daniels
United States
This afternoon I successfully chased a local rarity, which puts me at 239 for the year. Unless something unusual shows up in the next couple of days, that's probably it for the year.

239. Northern Shrike

Along with five other birders, I put in a few hours Sunday looking for this bird, but without success, so it was nice to get it in the bag today.



194 tropical kingbird
195 clay-colored robin
196 short billed pigeon
197 great kiskadee
198 black vulture
199 plain wren
200 inca dove
201 Summer tanager
202 Scarlet-rumped cacique
203 Ochraceous wren
204 black-cowled oriole
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205 Piratic flycatcher
206 Passerinis tanager
207 White-shouldered tanager
208 Toucan chestnut-mandibled
(202 now corrected to Passerinis tanager)


Will Jones
281. Short-toed Treecreeper

I did no birding when I was home and now I'm in Berlin for new year so I don't think I'll add anything else now. The Treecreeper was a nice end to the year though seen in the grounds of Charlottenburg Palace


One or two got corrected above but numbers correct from then on:
Rio frio
209 mangrow swallow
210 Amazon kingfisher
211 Anhinga
212 little blue heron
212 boat-billed heron
213 sungrebe
214 ringed kingfisher
215 snowy egret
Yellow crowned nheron
216 bare-throated tigerheron
217 green kingfisher
218 neotropic cormorant
219 Harris's hawk


220 buff-throated saltator
221 tawny crested tanager
222 golden-hooded tanager
223 collared aracari
224 gray-headed chacalaca
Will have a bunch today unless our 2 hour stop is all rain


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Roadtrip to SE Arizona for the last day of the year...

Along the way, in Imperial County, CA:
387. Sandhill Crane
388. Snow Goose
389. Gambel's Quail
390. Stilt Sandpiper
391. Abert's Towhee
392. Common Ground-Dove

Will be checking in with my December 31st numbers later today!
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