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How Is Your 2015 List Going? (1 Viewer)


220 buff-throated saltator
221 tawny crested tanager
222 golden-hooded tanager
223 collared aracari
224 gray-headed chacalaca
Hanging bridges
225 Rufous tailed hummingbird
226 Tree creeper, brown Cocoa
227 White hawk
Missed one humming bird

Happy New Year!


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
SE AZ couldn't disappoint:
393. Gila Woodpecker
394. Rufous-winged Sparrow
395. Bridled Titmouse
396. Verdin
397. Chihuahuan Raven
398. Canyon Towhee
399. Pyrrhuloxia
400. Plumbeous Vireo



Well-known member
Happy New Year to all!

With two sightings at Reed College in Portland Oregon on Christmas - including one lifer - I finish the year with a cool 218 sightings.

24 December

Reed Lake, Reed College, Portland, OR, USA
217. Hooded Merganser
218. Red Crossbill (New Lifer)

2015 in Review

The 218 sightings are a very nice improvement on last year's 165 species. I was fortunate to go on a lot of business and holiday trips in 2015 and reviewing the list now I am embarrassed I didn't see even more birds.

In 2015 I had the pleasure to bird in: Belgium (Brussels, Wallonia), Canada (Vancouver), China (Macau), Italy (Rome), Japan (Tokyo), Luxembourg, The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Peru (Lima), Portugal (Lisbon), Qatar (Doha), Switzerland (Kloisters, Zurich), UAE (Abu Dhabi), UK (London), US (California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas.)

Over the year I was able to lift my Life List to 465 from 382.

My goals for 2015 were:
- To see 200 birds (saw 218)
- Raise life total to 450 (to 465)
- Lift Belgium count to 100 (ended at 71 as I moved to the US in April...)

So, a pretty good performance for me at least and I hope everyone had an enjoyable year birding!

World life list: 465 (Red Crossbill, Portland, OR, USA; December 2015)
USA life list: 147 (Red Crossbill, Portland, OR, USA; December 2015)
2015 year list: 218 (Red Crossbill, Portland, OR, USA; December 2015)

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