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How Is Your 2016 List Going? (1 Viewer)


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That's a wrap on another great birding year. I didn't hit my 250 target, but I got a personal record 230 birds, 104 of which were lifers. Raising my life total to 569 since starting in 2003. I was lucky to travel quite a bit and see easier, local birds.

In 2017, my goal will be to see more local birds (Montgomery County, Maryland) and to continue to try and find time for birding in my busy life. It is very relaxing and a great way to be outdoors among nature. I even ordered some new bins, as mine are 10+ years old now.

Anyhow, I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and great birding in 2017 !!

Best wishes,


Swindon Addick

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A couple of bonus species for the last day of the year:
212 Desert Wheatear (Thurlestone)
213 Velvet Scoter (Paignton)

Subtract 4 for the UK total, add 2 for the "it's my list so it's my rules" total.
16 lifers among that lot, of which 14 were in the UK.


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Watching the sun set on another birding year - some incredible new sights from South America. Congrats to everyone on their personal goals! Here are the birds from my last week or so of the year:

City birds in Santiago, Chile:
351. Austral Thrush (lifer)
352. Austral Blackbird (lifer)
353. Chilean Swallow (lifer)
354. Monk Parakeet
355. Chimango Caracara (lifer)
356. Tufted Tit-Tyrant (lifer)
357. Variable Hawk
358. Chilean Mockingbird (lifer)

A day dedicated to seeking out some Chilean endemics:
359. Southern Lapwing (lifer)
360. Picui Ground Dove (lifer)
361. Fire-eyed Diucon (lifer)
362. Common Diuca-Finch (lifer)
363. Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch (lifer)
364. Chilean Flicker (lifer)
365. Dusky-tailed Canastero (lifer)
366. Thorn-tailed Rayadito (lifer)
367. White-throated Tapaculo (lifer)
368. White-crested Elaenia (lifer)
369. Moustached Turca (lifer)
370. Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetail (lifer)
371. Chilean Pigeon (lifer)
372. Long-tailed Meadowlark (lifer)
373. Striped Woodpecker (lifer)
374. Chilean Tinamou (lifer)
375. Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (lifer)
376. Black-winged Ground Dove (lifer)
377. Giant Hummingbird (lifer)
378. Austral Pygmy-Owl (lifer)
379. Dusky Tapaculo (lifer)
380. Brown-hooded Gull (lifer)
381. Correndera Pipit (lifer)
382. Red Shoveler (lifer)
383. Red-fronted Coot (lifer)
384. Baird’s Sandpiper
385. Yellow-billed Teal (lifer)
386. Cocoi Heron (lifer)
387. Black-headed Duck (lifer)
388. Yellow-billed Pintail (lifer)
389. Many-colored Rush Tyrant (lifer)
390. Austral Negrito (lifer)
391. Collared Plover (lifer)
392. Yellow-winged Blackbird (lifer)
393. Wren-like Rushbird (lifer)
394. Cinereous Harrier (lifer)
395. Lake Duck (lifer)
396. Chiloe Wigeon (lifer)
397. Plumbeous Rail (lifer)
398. Spectacled Tyrant (lifer)
399. White-tufted Grebe (lifer)
400. Great Grebe (lifer)
401. Red-gartered Coot (lifer)
402. Coscoroba Swan (lifer)

Walk along the beach at Viña del Mar (Valparaíso, Chile):
403. Seaside Cinclodes (lifer)

New Years in Mendoza, Argentina wine country:
404. Spot-winged Pigeon (lifer)
405. Rufous-bellied Thrush (lifer)
406. Creamy-bellied Thrush (lifer)
407. Rufous Hornero (lifer)
408. Southern Martin (lifer)
409. Great Kiskadee
410. Saffron Finch (lifer)
411. Chalk-browed Mockingbird (lifer)

Breaking my previous year record of 400 even. Life list now at 758. Feliz Año everyone!

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