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How Is Your 2017 List Going? (1 Viewer)

Penny Clarke

Well-known member
Here's to another spectacular year ahead for ALL BF Members across the world!:t::t::t:

Are you ready for another year of birding?!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous year of exciting new birds and mega's!

Wishing you all joy, happiness and good healthB :):t:;)

Best Wishes Penny:girl:
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Will Jones
Had a pretty relaxed day today, only took my bins out for a short walk around my parent's place in Shropshire and managed 26 species.

1. Common Blackbird
2. European Robin
3. Eurasian Blue Tit
4. Carrion Crow
5. Eurasian Magpie
6. Eurasian Collared Dove
7. Western Jackdaw
8. Common Wood Pigeon
9. Common Pheasant
10. European Goldfinch
11. Great Tit
12. House Sparrow
13. Common Chaffinch
14. Goldcrest
15. Dunnock
16. Eurasian Wren
17. Common Moorhen
18. Common Kingfisher
19. Great Spotted Woodpecker
20. Common Buzzard
21. Stock Dove
22. Common Linnet
23. Song Thrush
24. Mallard
25. Fieldfare
26. Common Starling


David Daniels
United States
Last year I saw 41 species on New Year's Day; today I saw 42, so not too bad of a day's birding.

'01. Northern Cardinal
'02. Mourning Dove
'03. White-throated Sparrow
'04. Dark-eyed Junco
'05. Tufted Titmouse
'06. House Finch
'07. American Goldfinch
'08. Black-capped Chickadee
'09. Downy Woodpecker
10. Brown Creeper
11. White-breasted Nuthatch
12. European Starling
13. American Crow
14. Mallard
15. Wild Turkey
16. American Kestrel
17. House Sparrow
18. Song Sparrow
19. White-crowned Sparrow
20. Pileated Woodpecker
21. American Tree Sparrow
22. Blue Jay
23. Northern Mockingbird
24. Carolina Wren
25. Red-bellied Woodpecker
26. Red-tailed Hawk
27. Common Raven
28. Red-shouldered Hawk
29. Eastern Bluebird
30. Canada Goose
31. Hairy Woodpecker
32. Swamp Sparrow
33. Hermit Thrush
34. Hooded Merganser
35. Red-headed Woodpecker
36. Common Goldeneye
37. Gadwall
38. Belted Kingfisher
39. Red-breasted Nuthatch
40. Rock Pigeon
41. Short-eared Owl
42. Eastern Meadowlark



Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Sleepy and relaxed start to 2017 still traveling in Mendoza, Argentina. Afternoon walk in the park brought a few:
1. House Sparrow
2. Rock Pigeon
3. Eared Dove
4. Creamy-bellied Thrush
5. Rufous-bellied Thrush
6. Rufous Hornero
7. Shiny Cowbird
8. Tropical Kingbird
9. Green-barred Woodpecker (lifer)
10. Picui Ground Dove
11. Monk Parakeet
12. Grayish Baywing (lifer)
13. Spot-winged Pigeon
14. Southern Martin
15. Great Kiskadee
16. House Wren
17. Neotropic Cormorant
18. Saffron Finch

Jon Turner

Well-known member
Nothing too exciting in the 54 I saw yesterday, Will try to see some of the more interesting locals today. A happy birdy year to you all!


Getting Back Into the Zone.
I got it off to a good start on the 1st with 10 for now and working on IDing more of them.

1. Rock Dove
2. American Coot
3. Canada Goose
4. Double Crested Cormorants
5. Mallard
6. Muscovy Duck
7. Redhead
8. Ring-billed Gull
9. Ring-Neck Duck
10. Western Grebe

Jon Turner

Well-known member
Advanced to 70 including
Great Northern Diver and
Purple Sandpiper

Both of which I didn't see last year.


Will Jones
Went to Venus Pool, just down the road, to see a Pine Bunting that is a very surprising rarity! I got brief views and added a few other species to the year list. Up to 50 now.

27. Eurasian Nuthatch
28. Common Reed Bunting
29. Yellowhammer
30. Great Cormorant
31. Black-headed Gull
32. Greylag Goose
33. European Greenfinch
34. Eurasian Teal
35. Long-tailed Tit
36. Pine Bunting
37. Eurasian Skylark
38. Northern Shoveler
39. Common Snipe
40. Eurasian Coot
41. Eurasian Wigeon
42. Common Shelduck
43. Eurasian Jay
44. Redwing
45. White Wagtail
46. Marsh Tit
47. Grey Wagtail
48. Eurasian Bullfinch
49. Rook
50. Northern Raven


David Daniels
United States
No opportunity to bird today, but I did add one new bird to my Year List on my way home from work.

43. Sharp-shinned Hawk



Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Bus ride across the Andes to Santiago yielded a few:
19. Chimango Caracara
20. Long-tailed Meadowlark
21. Turkey Vulture
22. Variable Hawk
23. Andean Condor (lifer)
24. Greater Yellow-Finch (lifer)
25. Rufous-collared Sparrow
26. Black-fronted Ground Tyrant (lifer)
27. Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch
28. Aplomado Falcon
29. Southern Lapwing
30. Austral Thrush


Well-known member
Hi all -

Here's a belated Happy New Year and I wish you all an enjoyable and rewarding birding year for 2017.

1-2 January

Maryland/Washington DC
1. Song Sparrow
2. American Crow
3. Northern Cardinal
4. Rock Pigeon
5. European Starling
6. House Sparrow
7. Canada Goose
8. Mallard
9. Ring-billed Gull
10. Herring Gull
11. Great Black-backed Gull
12. White-throated Sparrow
13. Double-crested Cormorant
14. Turkey Vulture
15. Downy Woodpecker
16. American Robin
17. Fish Crow

Latest Lifer: 569 : Black-billed Magpie (Park City Ski Resort, Park City, UT, USA; December 2016)
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Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Happy New Year

1 Common Buzzard
2 Common Wood Pigeon
3 Carrion Crow
4 Great Egret
5 Common Magpie
6 European Blue Tit
7 Great Tit
8 Grey Heron


Will Jones
Two more today while walking along the river in the village. The last was a bit of a surprise.

51. Mistle Thrush
52. Water Rail

Peter C.

...just zis guy, you know?
Bus ride across the Andes to Santiago yielded a few:
19. Chimango Caracara
20. Long-tailed Meadowlark
21. Turkey Vulture
22. Variable Hawk
23. Andean Condor (lifer)
24. Greater Yellow-Finch (lifer)
25. Rufous-collared Sparrow
26. Black-fronted Ground Tyrant (lifer)
27. Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch
28. Aplomado Falcon
29. Southern Lapwing
30. Austral Thrush

Great birds, Alex! (Wish I were back in the "southern cone" again :storm:)

And you're there in high summer too - best time to visit. How long are you going to be in Chile?

Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Buy start to the year with working every day since January 1st but I'm not going top worry....I'll just add birds bit by bit and, this year, actually make an effort to go and look for the easy ones I left too late in 2016 (Little Tern, Spoonbill, Razorbill etc).

January 1st

Working 6am until 10.30am so not out at first light as I would have preferred. Saw a few on walk home and then, after a quick bite to eat, a few more on short walk down to Canongate Bridge.

1: Starling
2: Jackdaw
3: Herring Gull
4: Black-headed Gull
5: House Sparrow
6: Blackbird
7: Collared Dove
8: Wood Pigeon
9: Sparrowhawk ~ being mobbed by crow over St Michael's Church :t:
10: Blue Tit
11: Dipper
12: Mallard
13: Moorhen
14: Long-tailed Tit
15: Great Tit

3rd January

16: Wren
17: Robin
18: Carrion Crow
19: Rook

I'm aiming for around 150 this year which is easily do-able. Last year I failed dismally because I spent far too much time on my allotment!!! This year I have a Cunning Plan to turn the top half into a more garden-y area with flower lawn, beds full of flowers for bees and butterflies and a pond.

Larry Lade

1. Dark-eyed Junco
Carolina Wren
American Robin
Downy Woodpecker
American Goldfinch
House Finch
Red-bellied Woodpecker
House Sparrow
American Kestrel
10.Bald Eagle
Blue Jay
Canada Goose
Common Grackle
Cooper's Hawk
Eastern Meadowlark
Eurasian Collared-Dove
European Starling
Harris's Sparrow
Horned Lark
20. Mallard
Mourning Dove
Northern Cardinal
Northern Flicker
Northern Harrier
Red-tailed Hawk
Red-winged Blackbird
Rock Pigeon
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
30.Snow Goose
Trumpeter Swan


David Daniels
United States
A rainy, foggy day so birding was relatively slow. I did add four birds to my Year List though, so I'm now up to 47.

44. Purple Finch
45. Great Blue Heron
46. Northern Flicker
47. Ruddy Duck


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