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How is your 2018 List Going? (1 Viewer)


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Weekend of camping and two jam-packed Christmas Bird Counts north of LA - Lancaster and Tejon Ranch:
408. Vesper Sparrow
409. Virginia Rail
410. Greater Roadrunner
411. Northern Pygmy-Owl

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
A 3 week trip to Sri Lanka added:
184 House Crow
Little Egret
Indian Pond Heron L
Intermediate Egret
Southern Hill Myna L
Brown capped Babbler L
Large Billed Crow L
Indian Swiftlet L
Blue tailed Bee eater L
Asian Openbill L
Black headed Ibis L

Cattle Egret
Roseate Tern
Spotted Dove L 1000th LiferB :)B :)B :)
Indian Peafowl
Emerald Dove L
Greater Coucal L
Oriental Darter L
Lesser Whistling-duck L
Crested Serpent Eagle L
Brahminy Kite L
Red wattled Lapwing L

Black winged Kite
Purple Heron
White browed Bulbul L
Blue faced Malkoha L
Crested Treeswift L
Asian Palm Swift L
Purple rumped Sunbird L
Rose ringed Parakeet
Yellow billed Babbler L
Oriental Magpie robin L
Red vented Bulbul L
White throated Kingfisher L
Indian Pitta L
Asian Paradise flycatcher L
Common Iora L
Square tailed Bulbul L
Jerdon's Leafbird L
Purple Sunbird L
Brown headed Barbet L
Orange breasted Green Pigeon L
Scaly breasted Munia L
White rumped Munia L
Red backed Flameback L
Black rumped Flameback L
Yellow eyed Babbler L
Plain Prinia L
Ashy Woodswallow L

Besra L
Dark fronted Babbler L
Brown Shrike L
Indian Blue Robin L
Green Bee eater L
Pale billed Flowerpecker L
Painted Stork L
Sri Lanka Green Pigeon L
Jerdon's Bushlark L
Small Minivet L
Paddyfield Pipit L
Common Tailorbird L
Black hooded Oriole L
White rumped Shama L
White breasted Waterhen L

Peregrine Falcon
Brown Fish Owl L
Oriental Skylark L
White bellied Drongo L
Indian Scops Owl L
Grey headed Swamphen L
Black Eagle L

Striated Heron
Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill L
Black winged Stilt
Lesser Adjutant L
Kentish Plover
Lesser Sand Plover L
Pacific Golden Plover L
White bellied Sea Eagle L
Baya Weaver L
Malabar Pied Hornbill L

Marsh Sandpiper
Sri Lanka Spurfowl L
Asian Brown Flycatcher L
Green Warbler L
Coppersmith Barbet L
Brown backed Needletail L

Woolly necked Stork
Pheasant tailed Jacana L
Grey headed Fish Eagle L
Tickell's Blue Flycatcher L
Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler L
Stork billed Kingfisher L

278 Black capped Bulbul L

More to follow

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
More from Sri Lanka:

279 Green Imperial Pigeon L
Crested Hawk eagle L

Little Swift
Velvet fronted Nuthatch L
Chestnut tailed Starling L
Indian Cuckoo L
Pallid Harrier L

Common Hoopoe
Spot billed Pelican L
Grey breasted Prinia L

European Bee eater
Alexandrine Parakeet L
Pied Harrier L
Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot L
Sri Lanka Hill Myna L
Scarlet Minivet L
White browed Fantail L
Dollarbird L
Jungle Prinia L
Dull blue Flycatcher L
Red faced Malkoha L
Sri Lanka White eye L
Brown breasted Flycatcher L
Barred Buttonquail L
Cinereous Tit L
Oriental White eye L
Crimson backed Goldenback L
Yellow fronted Barbet L
Thick billed Flowerpecker L
Black throated Munia L
Loten's Sunbird L
Sri Lanka Swallow L
Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush L
Oriental Honey Buzzard L
Richard's Pipit L
Black headed Munia L
Yellow Bittern L
Golden fronted Leafbird L
317 Indian Blackbird L

More to follow

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
More from Sri Lanka:

318 Zitting Cisticola
Ashy Drongo L
Indian Roller L
Yellow wattled Lapwing L
Chestnut headed Bee eater L
Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon L

Little Ringed Plover
Black necked Stork L
White tailed Iora L
Sri Lanka Scimitar Babbler L
Yellow crowned Woodpecker L
Caspian Plover L

Gull billed Tern
Brown headed Gull L
Rosy Starling L
Asian Koel L
Blyth's Reed Warbler L
Pin tailed Snipe L
Clamorous Reed Warbler L
337 Indian Thick knee L

More to follow...


I might still be missing one kinglet but this is probably it
245 peregrine falcon...downtown Lincoln, chasing pigeons

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Sri Lanka, the rest from my note book:

338 Watercock L
Great Thick-knee L

Red-necked Phalarope
Terek Sandpiper L
Caspian Tern
Greater crested Tern
Broad billed Sandpiper
Small Pratincole L
Ashy crowned Sparrow Lark L
Grey bellied Cuckoo L
Black headed Cuckooshrike L

Pied Kingfisher
Bar winged Flycatcher shrike L
Layard's Parakeet L
Sri Lanka Bush Warbler L
Jungle Owlet L Heard only
Yellow browed Bulbul L
Grey headed Canary Flycatcher L
Malabar Trogon L
Orange billed Babbler L
Ashy headed Laughingthrush L
Sri Lanka Drongo L
360 Plum headed Parakeet L

Little Cormorant L
362 Indian Cormorant L

I now have to trawl the photos for any that I forgot to write down....could take a while
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David Daniels
United States
This morning I went to a high-elevation area in a neighboring county. There, I added a new bird to my Year List.

312. Evening Grosbeak

I saw 11 birds, but yesterday as many as 50 were seen at the location. They are part of the invasion of Evening Grosbeaks that the eastern third of the country is experiencing right now.



Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Well, a little late on this update but that’s what traveling will get ya. Spent a lovely Christmas holiday seeing family in Mexico City:
412. Inca Dove
(412 and a half - Mexican Duck. eBird counts it as a species but ABA does not...)
413. Broad-billed Hummingbird
414. Rufous-backed Robin (lifer)
415. Curve-billed Thrasher
416. White-eared Hummingbird
417. Vermilion Flycatcher
418. Canyon Towhee
419. Eastern Meadowlark
420. Lark Sparrow
421. Black-vented Oriole (lifer)

And then some vacationing in the Yucatán to close out the year (and begin the next):
422. Blue-gray Tanager
423. Social Flycatcher (lifer)
424. Summer Tanager
425. Yellow-throated Warbler
426. Cave Swallow
427. Melodious Blackbird (lifer)
428. Great Kiskadee
429. Couch’s Kingbird
430. Ruddy Ground-Dove (lifer)
431. Tropical Mockingbird (lifer)
432. Buff-bellied Hummingbird
433. White-lored Gnatcatcher (lifer)
434. Brown-crested Flycatcher
435. White-eyed Vireo
436. Olive Sparrow
437. Yellow-throated Vireo
438. Yucatan Jay (lifer)
439. Lesson’s Motmot (lifer)
440. Altamira Oriole
441. Laughing Gull
442. Common Black Hawk
443. Tropical Kingbird
444. Neotropic Cormorant
445. American Flamingo
446. Anhinga
447. Tricolored Heron
448. White Ibis
449. Little Blue Heron
450. Roseate Spoonbill
451. Bare-throated Tiger-Heron (lifer)
452. Bronzed Cowbird
453. Yucatan Wren (lifer)
454. Mangrove Swallow (lifer)
455. Plain Chachalaca
456. Clapper Rail - last bird of the year on the last day of the year, heard from the swamp at dusk at Ría Celestún just after watching the sunset crest the western Yucatán shores.
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