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How is your 2019 List Going? (1 Viewer)

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
From Denmark 28th Sept-5th Oct

Lots of rain with breaks to grab the scope, bins and to try out my new Nikon D500

316 Merlin
317 Grey Plover
318 Eurasian Curlew
319 Great Black backed Gull
320 Common Greenshank
321 European Golden Plover
322 Red Knot
323 Coal Tit
324 Little Ringed Plover
325 Common Kingfisher
326 Hen Harrier
327 Tree Pipit
328 Sanderling

We observed a Merlin hunting a Kingfisher. My wife and I and 4 Danes that were also there were all rooting for the Kingfisher and it escaped. It took a while before it got going again, it's poor heart must have been racing. We all agreed that the Merlin had to eat, but not the Kingfisher.

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Trying to get my South African trip finished, still a way to go

329 Black backed Puffback
330 Dusky Indigobird
331 Southern White faced Owl
332 Brown throated Martin
333 Golden tailed Woodpecker
334 Yellow Bishop
335 Black collared Barbet
336 Thick billed Cuckoo
337 African Hoopoe
338 Trumpeter Hornbill
339 Black headed Oriole
340 Neddicky
341 Red faced Cisticola
342 Cape White eye
343 Short tailed Pipit
344 Southern Ground Hornbill
345 Brown headed Parrot

more to follow

Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
South Africa/Eswatini Continued

346 Red winged Starling
347 Southern Black Tit
348 Orange Breasted Bushshrike
349 Cinnamon breasted Bunting
350 African Wattled Lapwing
351 Black faced Waxbill
352 Common Scimitarbill
353 Namaqua Dove
354 Maccoa Duck
355 Cape Rock Thrush
356 Mosque Swallow
357 Yellow bellied Eremomela
358 Lesser Flamingo
359 White faced Whistling Duck
360 Common Myna
361 Cape Bunting
362 Rufous naped Lark
363 African Quail Finch
364 Magpie Mannikin
365 African Mourning Dove
366 Crested Guineafowl
367 Southern Boubou
368 Black Saw Wing
369 Little Sparrowhawk
370 Yellow billed Duck


Andy Hurley

Opus Editor
Opus Editor
The last of my South Africa/Eswatini trip:

371 Marabou Stork
372 Eastern Long billed Lark
373 Long billed Pipit
374 Red fronted Tinkerbird
375 Blue spotted Wood Dove
376 White crested Helmetshrike
377 Spotted Thick knee
378 Verreaux's Eagle
379 Greater Honeyguide
380 Little Grebe
381 Black bellied Bustard
382 White winged Tern
383 Caspian Tern
384 Rosy throated Longclaw
385 Cape Longclaw
386 Collared Pratincole
387 Zitting Cisticola
388 Wing snapping Cisticola
389 Rufous winged Cisticola
390 Common Tern
391 Roseate Tern
392 Spur winged Goose
393 Sombre Greenbul
394 Purple banded Sunbird
395 Terrestial Brownbul
396 Black necked Grebe
397 Grey Sunbird
398 Greater Flamingo
399 Marsh Sandpiper
400 Grey headed Gull
401 Red billed Teal
402 Pink backed Pelican
403 Great Crested Tern
404 Lesser crested Tern
405 Cape Teal
406 Cape Shoveler
407 Brimstone Canary
408 Common Sandpiper
409 Little Tern
410 Yellow rumped Tinkerbird
411 African Green Pigeon
412 White eared Barbet
413 Bush Pipit
414 Pale Flycatcher
415 Purple Indigobird
416 Cape Vulture
417 Violet backed Starling
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Opus Editor
Opus Editor
After my big South Texas trip in March I’ve been off the birding grid - buried in work and personal affairs - but I never stopped keeping my eyes peeled. Here’s my passive year bird sightings from April through August:

April - TX Airport:
337. Horned Lark

April - Las Vegas conference:
338. Brewer’s Sparrow

April - Working in Topanga, CA:
339. Pacific-slope Flycatcher
340. Black-headed Grosbeak
341. California Quail

May - LA bird walks:
342. Ash-throated Flycatcher
343. Phainopepla
344. Western Tanager
345. Bell’s Vireo

May - Scuba boat near Anacapa Island, CA:
346. Pigeon Guillemot
347. Sooty Shearwater

May - Seeing family in Acadia, ME:
348. Red-bellied Woodpecker
349. Red-eyed Vireo
350. Blackburnian Warbler

June - Working in Santa Clarita, CA:
351. Common Poorwill

July - Wedding in upstate NY:
352. Eastern Wood-Pewee

July - Roadtrip birds in KS and CO:
353. Eastern Kingbird
354. Western Kingbird
355. Cliff Swallow
356. Wild Turkey

July - Hiking in Bryce Canyon, UT:
357. Canyon Wren
358. Cassin’s Finch
359. Pygmy Nuthatch
360. Clark’s Nutcracker
361. Mountain Chickadee
362. Rock Wren
363. Violet-green Swallow

July - Hiking in Zion Canyon, UT:
364. Golden Eagle
365. California Condor

August - Hiking in Big Bear, CA:
366. White-headed Woodpecker
367. Brown Creeper
368. Green-tailed Towhee
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Well-known member
I have done virtually no birding since the 1st of May. Thankfully I have just managed a few days between Spurn and Flamborough picking up a Lifer on my first day with a 1st winter Red-eyed Vireo. Birds added to my paltry list were:-

178. Black-winged Stilt (from a few weeks ago)
179. Red-eyed Vireo. Lifer
180. Pied Flycatcher
181. Curlew Sandpiper
182. Little Gull
183. Arctic Skua
184. Yellow-browed Warbler


Will Jones
This morning, in the Topsham area.

220. Black-tailed Godwit
221. Grey Plover
222. Long-billed Dowitcher


230. American pipit
231 LeConte's Sparrow Marsh Wren Community Wetlands US-NE 25 Oct 2019 View All
232 Nelson's Sparrow Marsh Wren Community Wetlands US-NE 25 Oct 2019 View All
233 Bonaparte's Gull Branched Oak SRA US-NE 26 Oct 2019
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Will Jones
223. Pine Grosbeak

We seem to be heading into an invasion year for this species. Seen about 40 individuals around Uppsala today.


David Daniels
United States
Today I made the nine-hour round-trip drive to north-central Ohio to chase a mega rarity that was found a week ago. Despite harsh weather conditions and considerable distance, I was finally able to spot my target and get decent looks.

406. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

This vagrant from Siberia was a world lifer (no. 2484) and ABA Area lifer (no. 658).



Well-known member
Haven't updated my list in a while - but I managed to see a few more birds in the past few months - including three lifers - during a few foreign trips, but sadly have not had time for proper birding recently.

August 4

Playa de Santanyi, Majorca, Spain
136. Common Swift
137. Audouin's Gull
138. Yellow-legged Gull
139. Eurasian Hoopoe
140. Great Tit
141. Cetti's Warbler
142. Spotted Flycatcher

August 5

Mondrago National Park, Majorca, Spain
143. Eurasian Marsh-Harrier

August 8

Aqualand El Arenal, Majorca, Spain
144. Eurasian Kestrel

August 16

Amstelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
145. Ring-necked Pheasant
146. Stock Dove
147. Rose-ringed Parakeet

November 7

Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico
148. Mexican Duck
149. Inca Dove
150. Great-tailed Grackle

Latest Lifer: 797 : Mexican Duck (Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico, November 2019)
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Well-known member
April - Working in Topanga, CA:
339. Pacific-slope Flycatcher
340. Black-headed Grosbeak
341. California Quail

How cool you were in Topanga - I moved there in 1982 from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) as a young boy and then up to Santa Barbara in 1985.


David Daniels
United States
This morning I went over to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia to chase a regional rarity that was found two days ago. I easily found my target, which brings me up to 407 for the year.

407. Snow Bunting



Will Jones
224. Great Grey Owl

Cracking views this morning, jut a 50 minute walk from my house! Watched it hunting for an hour at first light before it eventually caught a water vole.


Opus Editor
Opus Editor
Thanksgiving in Oregon to see family:
370. Eurasian Wigeon
371. Northern Pintail
372. Virginia Rail
373. Glaucous-winged Gull
374. Red-breasted Nuthatch

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