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How is your 2020 List Going? (1 Viewer)


207 Blue Grosbeak
209 Least Bittern
someone else found that last, but I was the only one to get a photo. It is also eBird lifer 499


Will Jones
Finally got round to twitching a Corn Bunting that has been hanging around a few miles from our field station. It's a rare bird in Sweden, only breeding in a very small part of the far south of the country. Though this year, Öland has seen an influx. It was also a Swedish lifer for me.

212. Corn Bunting

Andy Hurley

All nations have the right to govern themselves
Opus Editor
A trip to Mecklenburg Vorpommern - The Fishland Darß-Zingst peninsular which is on the Southern Baltic coast of Eastern Germany and it's surrounding Bodden and it's bountiful reed beds- gave me:

96 Pied Flycatcher
97 White tailed Eagle
98 Common Tern
99 Common Gull
100 Sand Martin
101 Corn Bunting
102 Common Eider
103 Common Scoter
104 Crested Tit
105 Common Shelduck
106 European Reed Warbler
107 Red backed Shrike
108 Common Crossbill
109 Osprey
110 Thrush Nightingale
111 Marsh Harrier
112 Sedge Warbler
113 Eurasian Oystercatcher
114 Common Redshank
115 Black tailed Godwit
116 Common Crane
117 Little Gull
118 Eurasian Sparrowhawk
119 Savi's Warbler
120 Eurasian Curlew
121 Bluethroat
122 Meadow Pipit
123 Hooded Crow
124 Hen Harrier
125 Whimbrel

Its a lovely part of the world to visit. Due to depopulation, renaturising and the vast reed beds, there are insects galore. Remember the days when your windscreen was covered in insects in the Summertime? These places are slowly disappearing, but in the former East Germany, many renaturing projects have taken place, as the conservationists saw the chance to renaturise land as no one had claimed it as their own at the time. The corn fields are edged with corn flowers, poppies and other wild flowers attracting insects, birds and mammals.

There is a gap in my listing 90 - 95. I must have forgotten to list them on BF. Something to check on once I compare to my list.
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Will Jones
Two new ones today in the woods north of Ottenby:

213. Greenish Warbler
214. Red-breasted Flycatcher

Andy Hurley

All nations have the right to govern themselves
Opus Editor
The missing birds.
Seen the day before our trip and I forgot to add them:

90 Common Redstart
91 Eurasian Bullfinch
92 Lesser Whitethroat
93 Little Ringed Plover
94 Mistle Thrush
95 Rook

Back up to speed with all 125 species accounted for.


David Daniels
United States
This morning I went to a neighboring county to chase a mega rarity that was found two days ago.

319. Black-bellied Whistling Duck



Will Jones
I'm back in Uppsala for my final few weeks in Sweden before I move to my new job in Hungary.

215. Sedge Warbler

A surprisingly difficult bird to get on Öland, so I usually have to wait until I get off the island to see it.


Well-known member
A major surprise this morning when three Crossbill appeared briefly in the trees just outside of my garden.

98. Crossbill.

Andy Hurley

All nations have the right to govern themselves
Opus Editor
19 July Steinhorster Becken:
There were 3 Eurasian Spoonbills sighted during the week, so we went today as saw them ourselves. This is a first for me at this location. The Bar-head has been resident for several years now. It is unringed, so probably the offspring of escapees. Last year there were 2 here.

126 Bar headed Goose
127 Common Greenshank
128 Stock Dove
129 Wood Sandpiper
130 Eurasian Spoonbill


It's a tough month here, July. Some shorebirds coming in Aug. My eBird target list for the year has just bobolink missing. Plus a few things I never find. I know where to find it, but since I already found Henslow's sparrow, it's not much to gain after hiking a hot prairie for an hour. Other than that, upland sandpiper would require daily drives on gravel roads in the North end of town. I rode them by bike once or twice when the weather cooled for a day. All I have to add is mocking bird. (212)


Will Jones
I have now moved from Uppsala to start a new job in Debrecen, Hungary. Finally managed to get out birding on the edge of the city today and netted three of the more colourful European birds:

216. Eurasian Hoopoe
217. Eurasian Golden Oriole
218. European Bee-eater


Will Jones
Went over to Hortobágy fish ponds this morning to explore and netted a few good species, including 2 lifers that have been glaring omissions on my European list for a while now.

220. Pygmy Cormorant
221. Squacco Heron
222. Whiskered Tern
223. Purple Heron
224. Ferruginous Duck
225. Bearded Tit
226. Little Bittern


Well-known member
175. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.
176 Least Bittern.
177 Northern Bobwhite.
178 Least Flycatcher.
179 Bell's Vireo.


Well-known member
Pff, bad to almost dropped dead. I was planning to do a very motivated big year, after a quiet and not very active 2019. Wanted to go travel and camping a lot.

First there was a very wet and windy first months, right after that corona came along, prohibiting public transport travel for fun, so I was stuck to the region with not mu h diversity.
And I feel age and hard work starting to count more; I can't imagine anymore getting up at 4 on Saturday after a week's work to travel to Texel for a day...I need that few hours extra sleep!

Now public transport is possible again, I missed much, don't feel the need to chase twitches that much, nor does long travel with mask seem comfortable. And now grasshoppers and dragon/damselflies occupied my mind, broadening my field of interest and making choosing what to focus on harder.

So I don't put too much effort in it anymore this year. Just doing what I feel like and what pops up. Holiday coming up, waiting what weather will allow and what I will focus on: birds (and some grasshoppers) on a Wadden island, or going to Veluwe/Betuwe/Limburg to focus on grasshoppers/Crickets. Maybe just enjoying nature with a mixture of whatever pops up.

For 2021 I have my focus set on a holiday abroad in spring, birding/camping a lot in Dutchieland and in birdlow summer haunting the other critters... When corona allows it....
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