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How much time do you spend looking *for* binoculars? (1 Viewer)


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The "do you dream of binoculars" thread prompted me to wonder how much time us optic-nerds spend looking for (as opposed to through!) binoculars? It'd be interesting to know how much time certain BFers spend on ebay and like websites, or poking through pawnshops and car boot sales...

Speaking for myself, I try not to look for binoculars any more - I probably have too many binoculars (and definitely have too little disposable income). With what's available out there it's all too easy to find something that looks really tempting when one goes looking. I'll look through the classifieds every now and then, but fortunately haven't had anything jump out at me for some time!


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I just buy the best one I can afford and just use it, so I guess I don't fit the mold, since I really don't "look for" them.

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I always keep my eye open for a bargain. I check eBay, Astromart, the Binocular Bargain thread and the classifieds on Bird Forum every day. You never know what might pop up for sale. That is how you get good deals.


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Hello Patudo,

As a bird watcher and as collector of binoculars, I sometimes get a the idea of pursuing a binocular. The pandemic has limited my ability to shop in person for new binoculars but the SF 8x32 has been occupying my thoughts. Even with its wider FOV, the SF 8x32 is still so much bigger than my Zeiss FL 8x32. Although last year I bought just two old binoculars, there are still two which are of interest to me. Like you, nothing has grabbed my fancy, of late.

Stay safe,

Gilmore Girl

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Occasionally. I used to look often, but my choices are much smaller now. Wearing glasses cuts out a lot of bins. Also, I buy higher quality these days which cuts out a lot of the cheaper clone type of binoculars I used to buy. After selling the Ultravid 42 (due to weight mainly) I've been through a few binos trying to get it right. I'm not sure if I'm done yet, but I do want to have my last one for good or at least a good amount of years.


I'm not "looking for" at all, being very well served by what I have now (including large SLCs that finally scratched that itch, acquired just a couple of years ago). I admit I still investigate various models people mention, ponder the 7x mystique, and remain curious to see the NL, and SF 32... but idly, not in a shopping mode. And I'm really enjoying this.


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Hi Patudo. I used to spend unhealthy amounts of time 'looking for' binos, and reading about them, buying and selling, changing my mind, etc. Now I'm older and wiser and look on them as tools. The ones I have do the jobs I need doing satisfactorily. If there are 'better' ones out there, it doesn' t bother me. I still have five pairs, and that's too many for a non-collector. (I don't understand the stupid dream I had...except that I wasn't pleased to be given the weird binoculars, and didn't know what use I had for them...hang on, now I understand;))

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