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delia todd

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Blooking updates. Windows updated last night and has lost a setting. Can't remember how to do it.

Previously when I double-clicked on a picture it opened it up in my editing programme ( Today it's opening in some app called Photos, which is no use to man nor beast as far as I can tell.

Trouble is I can't remember how to get that setting back; been trying a few things but can't see the option anywhere at the moment.

I can select it manually, but that's more time-consuming than the double-click!


John Nihon

How about if you type: default apps into your bottom left 'Type here to search' box (next to your 'microsoft flag start' button). Choose 'Default apps', should say 'System settings' just under it.

Then go down the displayed 'Choose default apps' list and select what you want (probably 'Photo viewer') and select the app ( you want to associate as default from the list.

Make sense? Cos I've no idea what I'm talking about :brains:
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delia todd

If I said the wrong thing it was a Senior Moment
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Oooh.... thanks John.

Yes, it seems to have worked. The menus are not very informative as to what you should do, so thanks for your instructions I got there LOL.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow that it still works!!!


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A similar problem: On the laptop my wife use there is an old installation of office (2007?). There also is a leftover from when we bought it, a newer office that has never been activated. It will not let me make the old winword the default program for *.doc documents. It will allow me to open the older Word and find the document from there.
Any good ideas to get back to having the older version as default?


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