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HX Steiner 15 x 56 (1 Viewer)

Hi, guys I just purchased a new set of HX Steiner 15 x 56, I also have a pair of Nikons 16x56, (which is a great set of binoculars as well) these Steiner's are amazingly clear! I use them for site seeing, animal spotting, etc. But what's different about them is, (and I have not seen it using my Nikon's) Yesterday was the first day I took them for a field test and I noticed on a very bright clear sunny day (especially looking over the forest covered in snow) at certain times while I was looking through them, I have noticed a blue like color trimming just on the very edges of certain things other then what I'm looking at. I don't know if it's due to looking through them for a long period of time or what it is, it's not in the way but it's very noticeable on certain trees, rock, or whatever is in my FOV. (but like I said previously not directly in the center of whatever it is I'm looking at).is this what's called "chromatic aberration"?
Thanks for everyone's input.


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Yes this sounds very much like CA and typically it occurs on the edges of objects where there is a high contrast between the object and the background. An extreme example might be a black pole carrying black cables against a sky of white clouds. Usually CA is more noticeable towards the edge of the fov.


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