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I.D. Please (1 Viewer)


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scottish garden, semi rural,
bird size similar to magpie, large crown, spikey beak mostly brown, black and white feathers at rear, blue at front?

Rasmus Boegh

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Hi Alexander,

For an ID, we would probably need a bit more info. I.e. how was the jizz (general impression of "shape") and how was the tail (short, long, broad etc.). What did you meean by "large crown"? Did it have a top? Did it have a large crown patch (and if so, what colour was it)? From your description it sounds like it only has three colours - black/white at rear and blue in front. Where did these colour devide (where is the limit between rear and front)? What was the colour of the wings, chest, mantle, tail, face etc. Was it a greyish-blue, a shiny blue or what? How did it behave? Did it walk on the ground like a pheasant? Did it behave like a jay? Basically, the more precise a description is, the better the chances are for an ID...

Edit: Yes, almost forgot: Welcome to BirdForum...
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Welcome, Alexander, from all the mods and admin of Birdforum!

Rasmus is right: with more information, someone should be able to ID the bird for you. There are some folks (and Rasmus is one of them) who are absolutely wizard at ID.

Hope you'll take a little time to browse about the forums and get acquainted. Enjoy your time here!


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thanks guys got some more info
it has cream throat, speckled cream head, brown breast,leading edge wing feathers are blue, black and white tail feathers. wing tip feathers splayed


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looked at a jay pic and i now think it is a jay thanks for all your help, dont see much of them here, first time in 14 years in my garden
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