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I.D. Responses (1 Viewer)

Charles Harper

No one's been after my head for awhile, so time to stir up the muck. (Mixed metaphor, I assure you.)

I WISH that when people posted a response to an I.D. request, they would at least mention ONE reason, ONE i.d. point, ONE hint that led to their conclusion. There is little more frustrating here than to read a series of "Yup, Lesser Short-toed Lark"-- "Agreed."-- "Me too, nice pic."-- " Yes, apetzii of course." And so forth.

Please take a moment to give some reasons; let's learn something here, shall we? Let us avail ourselves of your expertise.

....And while I am still unbloodied, let me give gracious thanks to those who do post extensive explanations for their identifications; there are indeed also many valuable threads here because of that (q.v. Jane's current compilation efforts).


Ford Focus Fanatic: mmmmmm... 3.1415926535.....
yeah, that's a great IDea... I still wonder if I really saw a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Fox Sparrow, and a couple of other birds.

I think people should start doing this more often.


Warbler Watcher
Sounds like a good idea, Charles. I agree that it would help others to i.d. their own birds in the future. So.............let's have some more i.d.s to work on. ;)


Ford Focus Fanatic: mmmmmm... 3.1415926535.....
OK, for practice, is the bird below really a Yellow-Rumped Warbler? And don't tell me it is because of a yellow spot on its backside... I need other information than that.


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I appreciate when there's information behind the answer. There's a couple of people that I take any answer they give as gospel. But, if someone else just replies "it's a thingio"... I don't feel convinced and I learned nothing.

Also, if I don't take the time to post my research or why I can't make an ID, I understand that I may get a brief and not very educational answer back. You get what you give. ;-)

Andrew Whitehouse

Professor of Listening
Staff member
I agree with Lzy on this - sometimes people post pictures very perfunctorily saying something like 'Here's a picture - what is it?' This gives the impression that all that person is wanting is a name to put with their photo rather than an extensive ID discussion. If people are a bit more 'discursive' when they post their pictures or questions then I think it prompts a more discursive answer. That said, it's always a good think if people take the time to point out why they think it is what they it is.


Hit-and-run WUM
I'm as guilty of this as anyone and will endeavour to make my I.D. comments more helpful in future.

Jane Turner

Well-known member
You beat me to it... thanks Charles.... though if everyone does it I'll have to rethink my star rating on ID threads

Joern Lehmhus

Well-known member
I also feel guilty having done so-I´ll try to avoid it in the future-

if my boss is not looking over my shoulder just in that moment ;)

Seriously, I understand fully people being unhapy with that, but having access to a computer mainly at work, it is sometimes difficult to give a long answer to explain your thoughts. One could argue that one shouldn´t post in an ID thread then, but on the other hand ; it might also help to see that people came to similar conclusions?(though it´s clearly better to explain an ID)



Warbler Watcher
Gthang, it is a Yellow-rumped Warbler. It has a yellow rump (best way to i.d.), has dark streaking on the back, has that bit of white near the eye.


Ford Focus Fanatic: mmmmmm... 3.1415926535.....
could somebody please go through my previous ID thread "Neighborhood Pond Bird IDs" again and confirm the Ring-Necked Duck and Horned Grebe? Please? Because i'm still unsure that those IDs given are 100%, especially since noone told me why.

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