I Do Miss The Scenic Beauty (1 Viewer)

I do miss the scenic beauty of the high countryside
Where from the foot of the old hill one can see far and wide
The most amazing scenery for miles and miles around
In Spring in the green high country viewed from the higher ground
Amongst the knee high bracken the shy mountain hare
With one ear pricked as it does rest of danger quite aware
For vixen with fast growing cubs to feed and a keen appetite
A hare that she could catch asleep would make a tasty bite
The skylark leaves the bracken and upwards as he fly
Becomes a tiny speck of music in the gray evening sky
Out there in the high country far inland from the ocean shore
Nature's beauty is eternal it will live forever more
I do miss the scenic country by the mountains far away
Where in fancy I can hear the birds at the dawn of a Spring day.

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