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I finally fixed a bin.... (1 Viewer)


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instead of destroying more...

Recent carnage:

I wrecked my 8x22 Visionary reverse porro. It never seemed right in any case and I discovered why. A lense came loose in one eyepiece and I manhandled the eyepiece off and discovered it had been badly assembled with a problematic part and I managed to fix it. Hurray. BUT. Then I decided I would pull the other eyepiece off and check it and it was ok so a quick blast with the blower and reassemble only to discover some dirt on the prism when I looked down it. Turned out I blew grease onto the prism and couldn't get at it to get it cleaned and the grease was special grease that loved to stick to prisms. So in trying to disassemble the bin I wrecked it as I soon discovered it was definitely not really made to be dissaembled.

I also wrecked my Opticron 8x20 monocular in a similar fashion although there had been nothing wrong with it to begin with but I wanted to see if I could flip some of the eyelenses to see if that could improve things as I did that with my Optima 6x16 monoc and it worked but the Opticron again was made for no disassemble. I did reuse the eyelenses from it in a Carson 7x18 monoc to replace the plastic ones in that and that was a result so not all bad.

I'm sure I've forgotten something else at least that's how it feels.

So what did I fix? Well my Carson 8x22 Scout reverse porro developed a black spot in the top of the view which became very distracting. Turns out it was some little strand on a prism that I could see looking down it so I thought oh no here we go again. I'll surely wreck this trying to get rid of it but no.

I couldn't get it disassembled but I managed to wrench the eyepiece off (glued thread) and I had had this brain wave of sticking the vacuum cleaner on it and low and behold it actually worked! The great thing is I can now repeat it any time if I get dust or whatever inside it again as I just screwed the eyepiece back on without glue and it is well tight enough not to need any glue or never to have needed it. While I was at it I of course couldn't resist doing the other side and it's good now to. Cheap bin to replace but it has impressed me and I like it and had spent some time shortening the focus wheel to get closer eyeplacement so very glad it's going again with a nice clean view.

There is a lot to be said for waterproof optics though I have come to learn especially where these small reverse porros are concerned. My Optima 6x16 monocular is pretty easy to dismantle and clean though and I like that.

Then again it seems my Viking Vistron has grease which has dried out in the barrels and become dust and a lot of it has speckled the objectives but it's cosmetic as it doesn't show in the view and doesn't affect the performance, well not yet but it doesn't seem to be getting worse.

The travails of bins. Regail us with your tales and you might even save me from destroying more optics.:eek!:


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A tip of the hat for your fix. I foresee an emerging field of optics: binocular vacuuming. :)


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A tip of the hat for your fix. I foresee an emerging field of optics: binocular vacuuming. :)


I had just cleaned out the vacuum dust bag first (yes it's a vintage vacuum cleaner) so there was quite good suction and I was waiting for the prisms to shoot right out of the bin and rattle around the pipe into the machine even with the throttle turned down on it.

Good little bin that Carson and I imagine my 7x18 Mini Scout will be due for a "service" soon enough but I'm still a bit nervous about that:eek!:


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Ok I broke another one.

Can't say anything more at the moment really as technically it failed 8-P so I'm due a refund/repair/exchange.

It's not the Carsons btw.

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