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ID from a call (1 Viewer)


Hi All, been a long time since I was last here!
We’ve been hearing this call for the last week or more and don’t seem to be able to identify it from the many online resources. We live in East Anglia(UK, not sure how far the net spreads :t:) next to a tree covered, disused railway embankment and morning & afternoon we’ve been hearing this, the sample recording was made this morning at 09:16 (Sat 1st August) and we’d love to know what it is (not the wood pigeon obviously)

Many thanks for any help



  • bird call.m4a
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Old Berkshire Boy
I've heard begging recently fledged Common Buzzards making that call. And it went on for several days.


Pants! If that is the case (and I’m not doubting you) then I have a portion of humble pie to eat as that’s what my wife suggested and I pooh-poohed her!
Any other opinions to save me from the ignominy?


Well-known member
I've only listened on my phone, but this sounds more like juvenile (Eurasian) Sparrowhawk to me?


Thanks all, found the begging call of the sparrowhawk at xeno-canto.org and it’s spot on.

Now all I’ve got to do is see the blessed creatures |;|

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