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ID Help: Chile, Patagonia (1 Viewer)


Fledgling Birder
I would really appreciate your help with IDing these birds from Patagonia.


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A few more...

A few more, thank you :)


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Aren't Chilean birds fun?
I'm afraid I can't do much about the birds in #1 without a book, except that #1-3 is an Austral Thrush (Zorzal).

Row two, I'm a bit better at, #2-2 is a Fire-eyed Diucon, #2-3 may be another (although looking decidedly less fiery-eyed) and #2-4 is a fabulous photo of the fabulous Thorn-tailed Rayadito.
Row 1
#1 - a Cinclodes, but distinguishing between Gray-flanked and Dark-bellied is tough. Date and location MIGHT help if the photos are from summer. In the winter the birds are found together more, on the coast. In the summer Gray-flanked is typically up in the hills a bit, but seasonal movements can depend on location as well I believe. Bill size and other clues (back vs head color) might distinguish as your photo is good, but I do not recall the details well enough other than Gray-flanked is a bit smaller and the bill is also a bit finer.

#2 - Buff-winged Cinclodes

#3 - Austral Thrush

#4 - Black-billed Shrike-Tyrant

#5 - Buff-winged Cinclodes

Row 2
#1 - Austral Canastero

#2 - Fire-eyed Diucon

#3 - Fire-eyed Diucon

#4 - Thorn-tailed Rayadito
1 Cinclodes, either Grey-flanked or Dark-bellied
2 and 5 Bar-winged Cinclodes?
3 Austral Thrush
4 Black-billed Shrike Tyrant?

You beat me to it PBJ

first time I've referred to the book Couve and Vidal, what a messed up order!

Buff-winged Cinclodes?

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Hi, it is my first time ever in a forum and to be honest I arrived here searching for ways to let birders know about a book I wrote (Field Guide to Birds of Patagonia and the South Atlantic), it is a digital version and it is available under this name at Amazon.com, iBooks Store and also at www.extremesouthbirding.com

It took me several years to compile all the information in the book and of course I like the outcome. In it you be able to find all the information about the birds you are posting.

Thank you and regards,
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