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ID help for Nepal (1 Viewer)


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used the winter to clean up my harddisks and came across some pictures I took in Nepal nearly 2 years ago.
I did some online research (don't own a field guide for Nepal as I wasn't yet into birding at the time of the trip) and I think I managed to ID most of the pictures I took. Just wanted to ask if you agree and if you could help me with two birds (the last 4 pictures). Pictures 1-4 taken on the Langtang Trek, pictures 5 and 6 on the way from Langtang valley to Gosainkunda, pictures 7-10 taken in Gatlang on the Tamang Heritage Trail.

  1. Grey crested tit
  2. White-throated laughingthrush
  3. streaked laughingthrush?
  4. chestnut-crowned laughingthrush
  5. no idea what is sitting on top of the tree. Photo probably to small to make an ID. Anyone want to take a guess? Picture was taken at Cholang Pati (3600m) on the way to Gosainkunda
  6. Himalayan vulture
  7. no idea at all
  8. same bird as above
  9. streaked laughingthrush?
  10. same as above
Thank you!


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Joern Lehmhus

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agree on stripe throated yuhina for 1.

The tree on 5. seems to be Pinus wallichiana which has verylong needles and large cones of about 20cm length ...so the bird is not that small . would fit for a drongo sp.

7 and 8 are grey bushchat as said already
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