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ID Help for some canadian Birds (Rocky mountains) (1 Viewer)


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I need some help to identify some birds that saw during my last trip to the rocky mountains.

Pictures 1 and 2 were taken in Johnson Lake, Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) on August 11th, 2016. This was a wooded area with lots of pines and other trees. In my opinion they are Yellow-rumped warbler, but I am not sure.

Picture 3 was taken in the Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) also on August 11th, 2016. This is a marsh area, with open waters. Could it be a Cinnamon teal (female)?

Pictures 4 and 5 were taken in the Marsh Loop Trail, near the Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) also on August 12th, 2016. Could it be a Lincoln's sparrow?

Thank you in advance.


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JWN Andrewes

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I think you've nailed all three, with your Yellow-rumped being Audubon's (vs Myrtle) on account of the yellow throat.


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Thanks JWN,

I add some more pictures here.

6. Empidonax species found on August 12th, 2016 on the Marsh Loop Trail (Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada). Marsh area. I think that it is a alder flycatcher, but these empidonax species are very difficult for me.

7. Bird found on August 14th, 2016, in Jasper city (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada). Urban area with some gardens. In my opinion it is a juvenile black-headed cowbird.

8 and 9. Birds seen on August 15th and 16th, on Wabasso Lake and Moose Lake, respectively (Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada). Common or Barrow's goldeneyes?

10. Bird seen on August 16th in Maligne Lake (Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada). Is it a Bufflehead?

Thanks again.



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1 - I don't do Empidonaces, at least not without song/calls :king:
2 - Yep, juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird
3 - juvenile goldeneyes; very tricky! Assume Common without good evidence to contrary
4 - head shape here looks good for Barrow's, but not 100% sure
5 - a goldeneye chick; no idea which species (they all have white cheeks as downy chicks)


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The flycatcher is either Willow or Alder, which are only separable by voice, and according to eBird both species are probable at Banff. I agree with Nutcracker on the others.


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Thanks to all for your responses. Here I include the last three pictures:

11. I guess that it is a common goldeneye, mainly by head shape. Seen on August 17th, 2016, in Mildred Lake, Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada).

12 and 13. Bird seen on August 18th, 2016. I think that it can be a yellow-rumped warbler, mainly due to the color of the rump, but the white supercillium disconcerts me. Seen in the Jasper House Trail, Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canadá).

Thanks in advance


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Regarding the Goldeneyes (Bucephala) species, I have read that the most common species in some parts of Jasper, as the Valley of the Five Lakes is the Barrow's species. Picture 8 correspond to this area. Does any one know for sure the most frequent species in Jasper National Park.

Any idea regarding pictures 12-13.



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Check ebird lists for the same month as you were there for whether Barrow's or Common are most common




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Thanks njlarsen,

I will check eBird for sure.

Regarding pictures 12-13, I do not think this is a juvenile golden-crowned kinglet. In fact, mantle seems reddish, whereas in the golden-crowned kinglet is grey in the juvenile, more brown in adult. In addition, it lacks the black stripe crossing the eye, and white bar in greater coverts. Anyway, thanks for your opinion, DarkFireFalcon.


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