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ID Help - Peru - Part 1: Tapiche and Manu (1 Viewer)


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Attached is a first post out of four with photos of birds I took on a recent trip in Peru.

Pictures labeled Tap were taken in Tapiche reserve, 400 km south of Iquitos. Mostly varzea and (palm) swamp forest and small areas with terra firme.

The Manu photo was taken on the Manu Road but still in the highlands near Paucartambo.

Photos all from June/July 2015.

TAP 01 first thought it was a moustached wren, but that shouldn’t have dots on the wings. Behaviour was also more typical of an antbird. Best fit I could think of is a female Peruvian/White-breasted Warbling Antbird but what about the pale brownish dots on the wings? In other birds I have seen of this species the dots were really white. I could only get this one shot.

TAP 02A and 02B are the same bird: definitely one of the understorey “antbirds”, I was thinking of Dusky-throated Antshrike (this would be my guess), Plain-winged Antshrike or Bluish Antshrike (birds were silent, other than some very quiet contact calls)
Cinereous Antshrike may occur too, not sure?

TAP 03: should be easy. Our local guide called these jacamars White-chinned Jacamar, but I think this should be Bluish-fronted Jacamar, which is also what the field guide suggests. We did see quite a lot of white-chinned birds, but there is a white-chinned form of Bluish-fronted Jacamar. Anyway, to me this is clearly a Bluish-fronted Jacamar. Thoughts?

Manu 01B: looks like a juvenile/immature Variable Hawk. Altitude was definitely above 3000m and more likely 3200-3300m. Our guide called it White-rumped hawk, probably because even with the bins appeared all white with just black wing tips. The rufous barring on the undercoverts was impossible to see with the binoculars, very bright light. Still Variable Hawk seems a better match, also for this altitude?

Thanks for any help/thoughts on these photos.

Best wishes,



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James Lowther

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no time to look at my books for the others, but I'm certain 1 is a warbling antbird (sensu lato). Colour of the dots on the wings could be influenced by age I guess,


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1. Warbling Antbird.

2. Probably Cineroues Antshrike.

3. Don't know about the jacamar. Tapiche is technically south of the Amazon and thus should be Bluish-fronted but since this area is also close to the contact zone, who knows? That said, the crown does look blue-green so very likely that species.

4. Looks like a Variable Hawk. Definitely not White-rumped.

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