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ID Help - Peru - Part 3: Los AMigos (1 Viewer)


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A few more from Los Amigos:

LA 05 I think this is a Fuscous Flycatcher, but not sure? The bill appeared all black/dark (photo suggests slightly otherwise).

LA 06A/B: this Woodcreeper was first seen at a closer distance (no photos) and appeared largish and long-tailed, so I though Long-tailed Woodcreeper. The photos here were taken at least at 30 meters distance, one of the photos almost suggests a scythebill-like bill but that is an optical illusion, the bird only had a "normal-length" slightly downward-curved bill. Bill appears rather thin though.

LA 07A/B: first I thought this was Plain-brown Woodcreeper, but the photo B suggests a white chin, so maybe White-chinned Woodcreeper????

Best wishes,


PS Los Amigos Biological Station is a fabulous birding- and mammalwatching place. Full report with trip list, etc. on Cloudbirders in a few weeks.


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James Lowther

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unfortunately Peruvian ID threads on birdforum don't attract a lot of attention.
I sometimes try but I'm not an expert and I would need access to my books. Even so the best I can offer is normally a guess....



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1. Large-headed Flatbill- note the pale base to bill. Shape is also more like that than Fuscous. In typical bamboo habitat.

2. Maybe Long-tailed but sorry, can't tell from those images.

3. Yes, looks like a juvenile White-chinned.


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ID Help - Peru - one more Flatbill

Patrick, Thanks very much for the comments on all four posts! large-headed flatbill makes a lot more sense indeed (the picture in the Peru guide is way too green and yellow). Completely forgot about that one and there was bamboo all over the place! Great, the flatbill is a lifer !

While on the subject of flatbills, I also saw this one on the trails of Cock of the Rock Lodge: I think this is Fulvous-breasted Flatbill (again picture in the Peru guide is rather different but the photo matches the image in Ridgely and Tudor quite well (Songbirds of South America).

This bird was also seen in an area with a lot of bamboo.


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