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ID Help - Peru - Part 4: Los AMigos (1 Viewer)


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One more from Los Amigos. Maybe Brown-crested Flycatcher, which is an uncommon austral migrant in the area. Any thoughts?




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The bill looks too small, and too dull on the chest for Brown-crested.

My guess would be either Swainson's or Short-crested (no visible rufous in the wings contrasting dark head, pretty dull belly) but I didn't even remember that those existed until I looked them up just now, so take that with a grain of salt...


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Thanks, good calls! Short-crested would the common/expected one (saw many of those) but didn't think of Swainson's. Somehow this one looked different, that is paler, than the other short-crested I have seen, but maybe it is just the light. I will stick with Short-crested unless someone can give convincing arguments for Swainson's. Would be a lifer :)


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Probable Swainson's but hard to say for sure from the images. I recall Swainson's having this hint of a mask as is shown by this bird and that is the first species that came to mind.


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Yeah, I'd call this Swainson's Flycatcher due to the 'masked' appearance and the clearly pale base to the mandible.

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