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ID please Suffolk, England (1 Viewer)

Mike Beer

Well-known member
Can I have help with this bird photographed today at Walberswick, UK. I think its a Whitethroat but the picture is not that good. Mike.


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Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Although its a realy hard picture with much artefacts, at least for me, I am in the Reed Warbler camp for this.
Please note long pp, better leg colour for a Reed Warbler and dirty colours with an olive tinge.
I assume, that the original picture could change this in an easy identification, but this low resolution, "doubtfull colour-biased", artefact-filled picture, makes assesment of the relevant features difficult. I hope this is not regarded as an offense, but as an explanation, why I struggle to support my gut-feeling that its a Reed Warbler in this case.

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Good point Roland, I must admit, I excluded Marsh warbler only by location. And by the fact, that I struggle to support my ID as a Reed Warbler against a Common Whitethroat with this picture (no offense, as said!)

Mike Beer

Well-known member
I have no sound recording or video of this bird to be honest I just pointed the camera to where I thought the bird was and took a burst. I have attached an original of the burst. Don't know if it will help its under the half moon weed. Mike


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Andrew Whitehouse

Professor of Listening
Staff member
I don't think it would be possible to exclude a Marsh Warbler on this picture. The probability would be perhaps 1000:1 against it being one though, and that's probably being generous.


Well-known member
I can't bring anything new to the ID debate (I thought it was a whitethroat too...)...however, although marsh warbler is undeniably rare, there have been a few breeding records up the east coast in the past few years (I recall one at least in Northumberland) so not totally out of the question that you'd find one holding territory at Walberswick.

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