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Hey guys & gals ...

I have a bird of unknown species raiding my hummingbird feeder for it's nectar . Can anyone out there help me identify what type of bird this is ? It looks a bit like a woodpecker ???


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KC Foggin

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A Downy and mine are always sitting and sipping from the hummer feeders. Somewhere, I even have a picture of a Downy on one side of the feeder and a hummer on the opposite side ;)


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Yep, our Gila Woodpeckers love to drink the nectar.
In addition to the Gila Woodpeckers, I also see Hooded Orioles. And one other small grayish bird (darker gray wings, lighter gray undersides), smaller than a Lesser Goldfinch. It is quite acrobatic, hanging from the hummingbird dish feeders. I think it is a Bush Tit. Would you know what this little bird is Lisa? (Sorry, no pictures.)

Question: Do most woodpeckers drink nectar from hummingbird feeders?

chris butterworth

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I think most Woodpeckers end up eating quite a bit of sap, particularly those species that utilise live trees, so the move to Hummer feeders is a reasonable extension of this. As for other species, it could be that, after the breeding season, any easy source of a high energy meal isn't going to be passed up.


BTW I will get Gila Woodpecker on my life list - one day. ;)


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