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ID's from Olympia, WA wildlife refuge (1 Viewer)


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I joined a bird walk group this morning at Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually NWR north of Olympia, WA. I am wondering about these birds:

1. Hairy woodpecker? Didn't get a great look...missing the beak in the shot, but seems to be lacking spots on tail edges and looks like the white supercilium is broken on the back of the head.
2. Western Wood Peewee? Not sure. badly back-lit...also saw Willow and Pacific Slope later in the day.
3. Orange-crowned Warbler
4. Very trusted source ID'd it as Warbling Vireo...didn't get a good shot but looked right through binoculars...any thoughts on the photo?
5. Worst shot of the day! Western Tanager? Cedar Waxwing? Flying around quickly in dense forest near marsh.



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1. Downy Woodpecker - a little bit of black barring is visible in the otherwise white outer tail feathers, and there's no shoulder spur
2. Western Wood-Pewee
3. Yellow Warbler
4. Passerine sp.
5. Looks good for Western Tanager, but I don't know if I'd call it


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4- Prob. Warbling Vireo (especially if backed by the birder you were with). The short tail is good for vireo but the photo doesn't offer much.
5- My best guess would be Cedar Waxwing based on the apparent light brown head and breast, yellow belly, and dark tail stripe. However, I would not be comfortable calling this one.

Agree on the rest :t:


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Thanks! I'm not making any calls on that last one either, just curious what you thought. The trail looked to be black all the way to the edge, whereas your expect some yellow for a waxwing. But blurry as the shot is, there's no way to be sure.

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