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If you were going to eat a Hawk - which one? NV, USA (1 Viewer)


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Got shots of a Great Horned Owl sitting on a kill. This was soooo cool to see: GHO and brunch! I'm guessing that brunch used to be a Cooper's Hawk - what do you think?

We went back a couple of times looking for leftovers, but couldn't find anything other than a little piece of meat. Even the next morning, my friend checked the site and there was no evidence of anything. - we figured either the wind or Coyotes cleaned the place up.






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Maureen, that is amazing!:eek!: It is kind of shocking but I suppose those Great-Horned owls have a varied palette. I am not a pro at raptors but I like your call on the Cooper's hawk. What an experience and amazing photos !:t:

Robert / Seattle

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I agree. The feet and tail feathers look like Cooper's. And the Owl is a good size, so the relative size between the two would fit nicely as well.


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Daytime picture. Do you think it might have been mobbing the GHO and got too close to where he was perched for the day? Crows do that alot when they find a GHO in the daytime. Maybe it's a Sharp Shin? Sharp Shins will mob any hawk. I've even seen one mobbing a Bald Eagle. I've heard of them getting too close to eagles and getting killed by them.
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Nice pictures of this. GHO will kill anything they can over power. They're known for killing Great Gray Owls and Red-Tailed Hawks, although it it works both ways for the Red-Tails.


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Looks like a Cooper's.

I've seen a GHO pursue a Cooper's Hawk, but I thought that it was more of a territorial dispute than hunting behaviour (a few moments earlier the Coop had flown at the GHO aggressively, then vice versa). However, the owl eventually did pursue the hawk for several hundred feet and out of sight - didn't look like catching it though. Your photos show that, sometimes, it does catch the hawk......

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