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Euan Buchan

The Edinburgh Birdwatcher
I had a great time Carsington was a great place for birding I saw lots of Canada Geese, Little Grebe,Crested Grebe, Coots, Moorhens, Lapwings and so many others. It was great you could spend all day there. That was the first week on the 2nd week I went to a place called Abington and stayed in a great house called Kingfisher Barn and it had a picture of a Kingfisher when we were on a boatride we all saw a Kingfisher (my 2nd) aw lots of Herons and Coots and everyone asked me whats that bird and I just sighed and said sigh it's another Grebe. Everytime they asked me it was a Grebe lol. I reccomend you stay at The Kingfisher Barn on your holidas there is a nice heated swimming pool there.


Tooty Fruity Member
Hi Euan,

You sound really, really happy about the whole thing, even though i can't hear you. Glad you had a fantastic time :)


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