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In Focus Used Equipment List Sept 2018 (1 Viewer)

In Focus

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Sorry for not posting for a while - gets busy around Birdfair time of year!

Compact Binoculars

Opticron DBA 8x21 (MM) £199
Steiner Safari 10x26 (T) £79


Bausch & Lomb Elite 8x42 (T) £379
Delta 8x42 SL3 (WF) £249
Delta SL3 10x42 (RUT) £229
Leitz Red Spot 8x32 (WF) £299
Opticron DBA 10x42 (SL) £299
Opticron DBA Oasis S-Coat 10x42 (T) £399
Opticron Imagic BGA SE 8x42 (T) £299
Opticron Traveller 8x32 (T) £149
Opticron Traveller 8X32 (T) £149
Opticron Traveller ED 8X32 (DD) £239
Opticron Verano BGA 8x32 (DD) £169
Opticron Verano Open Bridge 8x32 (MM) £149
Optolyth Alpin 10x50 (SL) £149
Optolyth Osiris 8x40 (RW) £75
RPSB HG 7x42 (SLIM) £159
RSPB 8X42 HD (T) £199
Swarovski EL 8.5x42 (SL) £1099
Zeiss BGAT P 10x40 (SLIM) £399
Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 (LWC) £529
Zeiss Dekarem 10x50 (DD) £79
Zeiss FL 10X42 (WF) £799


Kowa TS 602 with TSN 30x eyepiece (DD) £189
Kowa TS612/20WA (T) £239
Kowa TSN823/Zoom/SOC (SL) £399
Leica Apo Televid 77 with 20-60x Zoom eyepiece (WF) £1099
Nikon 60ED11 C/W Zoom & Case (SL) £329
Nikon RA3 65 c/w Zoom and 20X (SL) £349
Opticron ES80ED V3/SDL Zoom/SOC (MM) £589
Opticron GS 815 ST GA with HR 27x WA eyepiece (MM) £249
Opticron GS52EDA C/W HDF Zoom/SOC (DD) £269
Opticron GS665A Body C/W SOC £229
Opticron GS815A/27xHR/SOC (SL) £259
Opticron HR66A C/W 30x HR (DD) £199
Opticron IS 60 C/W HR Zoom and Case (SL) £149
Opticron MM2 52 A body only (T) £99
Opticron MM3 60EDA/SDL Zoom/SOC (MM) £499
Opticron MM360EDA/HDF Zoom/Sherpa 200R (WF) £499
Optolyth TBS80 C/W Zoom/20XWA/40X/SOC (MM) £349
RSPB AG 80 with 20-60x zoom (MM) £179
RSPB AG 80 with 20-60x Zoom eyepiece (WF) £129
RSPB AG80 C/W 20X-60X Zoom/SOC (SL) £169
Swarovski ATS65HD/20X-60X Zoom (T) £1099


Manfrotto 055 Black with 128RC Head (MM) £59


Meopta 25x WA HA 70 Series (T) £39
Nikon 30x WA RA Series (DD) £59
Nikon 30x/38x WF for Prostaff 60/82mm (T) £89
Nikon MCII Zoom (T) £229
Opticron 28x HDF (DD) £69
Swarovski 20-60x Zoom (MM) £279
Swarovski 20-60x Zoom (SL) £299
Zeiss FL 20-60x Zoom (T) £279


Nikon FSB-1A Fieldscope Camera Bracket (SL) £59
Nikon FSB-7 Fieldscope Camera Bracket (T) £59
Opticron 41115 SLR Eyepiece Adapter (MM) £79

All second hand equipment carries a 6 month warranty and as with new products is sold on 14 days approval. Please contact your local In Focus shop or the Titchwell Shop (01485 210101) for mail order and further information.

Letters in brackets after product name indicate the shop it’s located in.


WF – Willows Farm Village, London Colney 01727 827799
T – Titchwell, Norfolk 01485 210101
DD – Denby Dale, W.Yorks 01484 864729
LWC – WWT Barnes, London 0208 409 4433
SL – WWT Slimbridge, Gloucestershire 01453 890978
MM – WWT Martin Mere, Lancashire 01704 897020
RW – Rutland Water 01572 770656

Alternatively, view photos the actual items and order online:


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