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Information about birding in Russia (1 Viewer)

Fernando np

Well-known member
Although it might exist, I'm not been able to find too much information in English in the web about birding in Russia. So every bit about russian birds will be welcomed.


Sontium Dweller
Fernando np said:
Although it might exist, I'm not been able to find too much information in English in the web about birding in Russia. So every bit about russian birds will be welcomed.

Hello Fernando,
I think it might be useful if you specified a narrower area in Russia and the season, this way perhaps some members will be able to give the answers you need.
As far as my little experience is concerned, a few month ago I got in touch with a birder in Buryatia (South Siberia) who gave me useful infos about his area.
As a start, I'd go googling a bit here and there, e.g. http://www.birdingpal.org/Russia.htm
I believe further information is available on the net ... books/birdguides are available as well (e.g. Where to watch birds in Europe and Russia - by Nigel Wheatley, and many more ...)
Good luck

Chris Monk

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Larry Lade

Fernando, I have contacted an acquaintance of mine (who is Russian) but currently living in the United States (Missouri). He is a professor at a local university. I will post any information I receive from him here (or send it to you in a PM). Regards!

Fernando np

Well-known member
I didn't expect information as soon. Ihad had a look to places as fatbirder and birdingpal, among others, considering a trip to the Volga Delta. Also I emailed in English to the biological station one time my Russian is very poor, although without answer. There are organized birding trips there including some days in the close steppe landscape. Just now, I considered as the most valuable birding spot in Europe the Danube Delta. I was there as soon the whole area became open to foreigners. I'd like to repeat the experience before the massive tourism go eastward. Health problems are goin to postpone my arrival to Russia until 2008. Some point:
- ToGmax, I'm thinking in Octubrer whose main aim is a Transiberian railway trip after a run away to Volga Delta+steppe. Stops in the rail in Krasnoiarsk, where to take the last of the season boat to Igarka, and Baikal. The weather probably will be too harsh in the mountains.
- To Hannu, I've enjoyed the links you put. Inside, going to main page, there're pictures of another two trips to Russia. The finns friends don't waste their time.
- To Chris, thanks for the link. There's also a Russian Bird Conservation Union, whose adress is rbcu.ru. The web page, part in English uses to run a bit delayed.
- To Larry, I'm really interested in to get a regular source of information about russian wildlife.

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