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Injured Seagull... (1 Viewer)


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I know some people don't like these birds but they're incredibly fast and intelligent and I love all birds myself. I noticed over the weekend a Seagull that seemed to be standing out by the pond outside my window, so I viewed it with my binoculars and saw that there was something wrong with one of its wings. Sadly, it's broken. For the past day or so I've thrown it some bread so it can eat something but obviously, this isn't their standard diet. It breaks my heart to see this poor animal in this condition. I wish I could take it to the Vet and pay for it's medical care but I'm not sure if the animal control officer would come out for it or what would happen. What can be done if anything? |:(|



Old Berkshire Boy
You could nurse it if you have the space and time, otherwise it is unlikely to survive in the wild. If there are such things locally as a Wildlife Rescue hospital they may take it.

Neil G.

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Sky rats,vermin etc,etc......i've heard it all about seagulls,usually from those with very shallow minds.Over here in Britain we have the papers constantly telling their readers how dangerous they are,how they pinch food from people,how they open rubbish bags and make a mess.......all the result of our bad behaviour i'm afraid.
It makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time how idiotic members of the public somehow think these birds should know right from wrong in relation to human morals and behaviour.........in reality it's our behaviour that has shaped the lives of these birds:
1.They open rubbish bags and make a mess because we leave them on the streets.......these are intelligent birds who look for opportunities and if some idiot leaves a rubbish bag out on the street days before it is due to be collected,what do they expect.
2.seagulls attack people to pinch their food.......no they don't,they swoop down and aim for the food,they do not intentionally attack somebody to make a person drop their food.We give these birds the chance of an easy meal by the way in which we stroll round the streets in some little quaint holiday spot while eating out of chip papers and not being aware of the fact that gulls are waiting for the opportunity to pinch a chip or two.
3.We have overfished and depleted a lot of traditional feeding grounds for seabirds in general,these birds are forced to look elsewhere for other food sources.As the point above,it's our own behaviour that gives these birds the opportunities to become a nuiscance..
Frankly i couldn't care less if they make a mess or pinch a child's ice cream,attack somebody for getting too close to their nests.....it's all natural behaviour and it's us that need to adjust to it not the birds.
It's so nice to see somebody actually giving a damn about these gorgeous birds,i take my hat off to you sir.

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