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'Interpol' virus (1 Viewer)

Phil Andrews

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My wife's laptop is infected with a scam that constantly pops up on screen proporting to be or Interpol and the Cheshire Constabulary, advising that the machine has been detected accessing child porn and will automatically shut down and raise a prosecution if a fine isnt pais via PayPal. It is then also linked into the laptop's webcam.

Oncfe on screen there is no way of minimising or closing it down and it pops up too fast to run an anti-virus cleanse. Any one seen this before and/or got any bright ideas of how to get rid?

Thanks in advance


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A quick Google for "Interpol Virus" will show you are not alone! Youtube had lots of step by step videos on removal.


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I had this infection on my old work pc and was unable to shift it, so I had to dump the computer, but as luck would have it I needed to upgrade anyway, the pc was old and clunky so this simply pushed me into sorting things out rather than making do for a little longer. I understand that newer computers are easier to "cure".


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Had the same as Mark - kept coming back so dumped the 'puter and upgraded (old one was still running XP so needed a new one anyway). Funnily enough, after about 4 months I turned the old one back on and it was clear of that goddamn virus.......and still works now! Odd


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I had a similar one a while back, fortunately it was on my old laptop and I had just bought a new one. I managed to get the old one cleaned with the excellent assistance of the guys at bleepingcomputer.com. They took me through it step by step, but you do need another pc/device in order to get online to them as the infected one is useless until cleaned. They even managed to guide me through retrieving some valuable work data off the infected laptop.
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