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Francis Duggan

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My name is Francis Duggan and I am new to this wonderful site, so many people here interested and knowledgeable on birdlife, just happy to be amongst you.
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Hola Francis! :hi:
A warm welcome to Birdforum from all the staff and mods.
Nice to have you here!


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Hi Francis,

Welcome to Birdforum.

I noticed that you love might be able to help out find a poem which another new member from Australia had learnt in school. They could remember it was about a Blackbird that was captive and was a wonderful singing bird and then they found it dead.
Any ideas on it. Here is a link to the thread


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Fans of Your Poetry

Hello Mr. Duggan,

We are students from Lewis and Clark High School in Washington state and we are doing a video essay about you and we were wondering if you could send us some information about your life so we can include it in the Bio portion of our essay.
We really enjoy your poem because we are fans of graffitti art too!

Dan, Jeff, Jordan, and Alex

You can contact us at our teacher's email

[email protected]

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