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Iphone & Phoneskope stuff - what am I missing? (1 Viewer)


Before I start let me state I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Scopes and Phonescoping so be gentle!

Anyway I bought a Phone Skope kit for my Swaro ATS 65 to pair it up with my iPhone XR thinking I just shove it on, go out and take lovely close up shots that my 150-600mm zoom lens couldn't reach.

Reader - this has not been the case. I can't get the adapter to mount properly on the eyecup of the eyepiece...unless I somehow hold it in place it simply slips off. Not immediately, but gradually and slowly over a few seconds it works it's way off. Actually had to catch the phone with case and adapter on it's way to the ground yesterday.

I accept the trade off in image quality when it comes to dSLR v phone scoping (vignetting - using the phone's digital zoom etc) surely the purpose built kit sold expressly for the phone I have should stay on for more than 20 seconds? Is there something I'm missing? I did look at Swarovski's own bewilderingly expensive range of digiscoping accessories but I couldn't work out what I'd need to purchase let alone how I was going to afford it! Any tips from PhoneSkope iPhone users out there? I'm actually tempted to send it right back...
MussEd, I'm a bit distressed to hear of your difficulties. I just ordered a phoneskope case and adapter for a Leica Televid 65. I'm equally interested in the 'apparent' ease of collaborative use of the phone and the scope. What you're saying is a bit disturbing. I did look at this website, which gave me some encouragement to proceed. Not sure if you've already seen it:

When reading it more thoroughly, one comes to realize that the individual is using a 95mm scope and an iphone that has a telephoto lens that makes it much easier to get a full frame at hi-res instead of an image circle vignetted by black...
That said, there is no comment on his site that I have found that talks about the poor fit of the adapter.
I would email phoneskope directly to explain the issues you're dealing with.
Please keep posting about your results, and I wish you the best of luck.

Are you screwing down the eye-relief cup (or whatever the proper name for such a thing is) on the scope eyepiece? It will slip off easily if you haven’t, also you will get better results with the photography.
Firstly thanks for the encouraging words. It was actually that phonescoping.org site that persuaded me to buy the Phoneskope kit in the first place. I know it’s not an advert or promoting this particular product but the results he shows are excellent! I tried the adapter with the eye relief cup retracted and extended but no improvement. I’ve no chance this weekend to get out but will keep persisting and hopefully figure it out...
I use the Phoneskope brand with my iPhone XR and my ATX 95 and 65 and have had no issues. It took a short time to fiddle with it to figure it out. Now I just attache the phone to the scope, pinch open the view and take picture. For me its exactly what I want and need.
Sounds like the adapter ring is too loose. Try a wrap of electrical tape on the eyepiece. If not happy with that see if phoneskope will swap it for the next size down.
I use a iPhone 8 plus on a Nikon Ed 82. Image quality unless conditions are perfect will never be that good.
Best thing I have bought is the Pro camera app. It gives you near enough the same control over your photos as a DSLR.
Well worth the money.
If you are still dealing with this issue, I think Phoneskope would help you out. I had an issue with my recently purchased kit, and they jumped into action immediately. Just my 2cents.
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