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Is it really worth buying an NL 8x42? (1 Viewer)

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I would guess it would not make a difference. The rubber armor on the GA is not a flak jacket.

Andy W.
But wouldn't the rubber armour on the GA absorb the shock of falling better than the leatherette on the W model. Porro-Prism binoculars can get out of alignment though more easily than a roof prism. As far as which one is tougher overall I really don't know. A lot of the WWII binoculars used in the field and on ships were Porro-Prisms so they had to be pretty tough.


The armor is for light bumps in the field in handling, however when dropped from any height depending how it lands on a solid surface, me thinks the armor would not make a difference. I dropped a NVA 7X40 and from less than two feet, it was instantly out of collimation, nothing broken, but it had to go in for service. That is one tough glass.

Andy W.


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Less than two feet? I would have hoped it would survive such a fall unharmed.

The military repair regulation no. A 050/1/501 of the National People‘s Army of the German Democratic Republic specified that a fall of 75cm (2.46 feet) should leave the 7x40 undamaged



It all depends on how it lands, mine was on concrete, and oculars first/at slight angle.

Sollas, I would agree it is better than the black leather version for the normal bumps knocks in normal use.

Andy W.

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[email protected] Could you please PM me once you get hold of those rubber objective covers? I've flicked Swaro an email re: the rubber covers and I'm waiting for a response. A set of those would last forever, so it's well worth getting hold of a pair (or two). I'm interested to know what they're like.
I finally received the objective covers for the Swarovski Habicht 10x40 GA, and they are very nice. The green color matches the binocular perfectly, and they are a perfect fit. At first, I thought they were too big but the tethered part that wraps around your objective to hold them on actually receives the eye cups and secures them. Very unusual but it works very well and solves the problem of getting objective covers to fit over a rather unsymmetrical objective. Here are some pictures of them installed. Notice the lip on the tether that goes around your objective which holds the objective cap on. Very nice!


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Der 8x42 SLC ist ein atemberaubendes Glas und übertrifft alle anderen verfügbaren neuen 8x42, die ich in seiner schönen, sehr tiefen Raumwiedergabe ausprobiert habe. Es zieht Sie direkt in die Szene, in diesem Sinne ist es transparenter als die Konkurrenz. Zusammen mit der Leica UVHD + ist sie jetzt die einzige Alpha 8x42, die ein klassisches gekrümmtes Feld aufweist, aber eine ausgezeichnete Aberrationskontrolle aufweist (wahrscheinlich viel besser als die Leica). Es hat den hellen Glanz eines AK-Prismenglases aufgrund des hervorragenden Mikrokontrasts, der Helligkeit und der cleveren Kontrastverstärkung durch eine verzerrte Transmissionskurve. In den meisten Situationen bevorzuge ich es sowohl meinem Noctivid als auch dem EDG. Einfache Sicht auf den SLC ist absolut High-End-Swarovski.

Bei starker Hintergrundbeleuchtung flackert es jedoch stark auf, und der Fokuswurf ist viel zu lang (1,6 Umdrehungen von 3 m bis unendlich, verglichen mit 0,8 im Nocti). Swarovski kümmerte sich erneut sehr wenig um innere Schwärzung und Flare-Reduzierung. Es wäre großartig, wenn sie den SLC erneut auf die Herkunft aktualisieren würden.

Soweit ich weiß, ist die NL feldgeflacht, das ist eine Abschaltung für die Vogelbeobachtung. Ich wette mit der NL verlieren Sie den wirklichen tiefen Raum in Ihren Bildern, egal wie scharf, gesättigt, kontrastreich usw. usw. das Bild ist. Sie tun sicherlich mit Swarovision und EDG.
Guten Tag,
bitte verzeihen Sie das ich in deutsch gehört gehört. Ich besitze das 8x42 SLC HD aus 2010. Gibt es auf das Modell aus 2020. Das bedeutet mich sehr wichtig.


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I think you know the answer. Deep down, what do want people to say? "Go for it", or "keep your SLC"?

I bought a 10x42 NL, and while it's an optically brilliant bino, the novelty has already worn off (it's been about 3 weeks). I think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that an object will dramatically alter your quality of life, or that minute optical improvements will change the way you go about your birding/hunting/nature watching - whatever.

The NL's are good tools. But they're not magical 'wonder' instruments, either. If you've got the $$ and you feel that the extra features of the NL may contribute to your enjoyment, why not? But I don't think you'd be missing out on much by sticking with your SLC's.

At the end of the day, it's what you view through your binos that counts, isn't it? This forum has been a bit of a negative influence, because instead of enjoying whatever it is I'm looking at, I've been preoccupied with nitpicking the glass instead. And even the NL isn't immune to that. I've been picking holes in it all day long, and it sucks big time.

The grass is always greener. If you think the NL will cure that, then you're wrong.

If you find the SLC to be fantastic, then why change? If your answer to that is "but...." (etc) - then buy the NL's. :0)
I think many here at times have fallen into this mindset every time a newer, brighter and cooler binocular is released including myself. Yes I think this forum does contribute to more here having that buying upgrade urge but more in a positive way then negative. For me personally this forum has provided more information on New product releases and the views/thoughts of real people using their binoculars than any other place on the internet.
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...Is the expense really worth buying the NL? ....Thoughts please?

I was really contemplating buying them but do I really need to?
Are they that much better than what I already have?

I'm in my mid 60s and my eyesight is not "Alpha"

Lots of questions lol

worth the expense -- no
need it -- no
that much better -- yes
mid 60's -- do you deserve it?

assuming you have the money to buy,
then not an issue of cost but personal happiness
will it make your life better,
worry/guilt make your life worse

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I am thinking it is not worth buying a Swarovski NL 8x42. The BF has to be, wanna-be first to review, now has his for sale on the famous
auction site. So pay attention.....:oops:


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But a person has to make a huge decision to purchase a NL, or SF or Noctivid.... If someone is selling them now, well....so be it. They just decided it wasn't worth the investment but that doesn't imply the product is bad.


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"Worth buying" is such a subjective concept that it almost precludes intelligent discussion, but it keeps the Whittle & Spit Club around the wood stove busy for hours on end.
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