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January 1st joint Birdforum list (2021 edition) (1 Viewer)

Swindon Addick

Registered User
You are invited to join in the eighth annual Birdforum joint lists for 1st January. The idea is that those who want to take part provide a list of what they've seen or heard on 1 January and we produce joint lists for areas such as the UK, the USA, Europe, Australia, or wherever we get enough people interested.

The rules are simple - birds can be seen or heard, as long as the ID is firm. "Cat C" birds (that's UK jargon for introduced species with self-sustaining breeding populations) are OK as long as the bird was from the self-sustaining population. No escapes or captive birds, obviously. Birds must be encountered between midnight and midnight on 1 Jan, local time.

For this year there's an extra rule - please follow whatever Covid safety procedures you would follow on any other day. This is just a bit of fun, not something to take risks for.

Each year we've done this, we've had some surprising relatively common omissions, so there's scope for everyone to contribute, even if you're only going out for a short walk or even just watching from your window. The aim is to use the wide spread of Birdforum members around the various countries to increase the total by seeing species where they're easy.

It's supposed to be a bit of innocent fun, don't change your plans specially. Having said which, if we can encourage one or two people to go out rather than stay in, great.

Here's a link to last year's thread so you can see how it works. Each year's thread has a link to the previous year in its first post.

Last year's totals: North America 130 (USA 116, Canada 14, Barbados 8), Europe 196 (UK 170, rest of Europe 129)
Plus single lists of: Costa Rica 44, New Zealand 49, Falklands 23, Hong Kong 74.

2019 figures: USA 227, Europe 205 (UK 176, Rest of Europe 126), Australia 85, East Asia 84
2018 figures: USA 120, Europe 194 (UK 163, Rest of Europe 115)
2017 figures: USA 172, Europe 197 (UK 156, Rest of Europe 127), East Asia 87, Canada 16 (North America 180)
2016 figures: USA 205, Europe 167 (UK 150, rest of Europe 94), Australia 43.
2015 figures: USA 158, Europe 175 (UK 145, rest of Europe 119), Australia 89.
2014 figures: USA 185, UK 155.

Whatever you see on 1 Jan, please post a list either of everything you've seen or (easier for me) everything you've seen that you think may not have been reported yet. I'm hoping to be out and about most of the day so if anyone's online during the day and fancies doing some running totals, that would be great. If not, I'll catch up once I'm back online.
I'm in, hopefully will be able to do my local 1st January circuit and at least add Crested Tit to the UK total. If it's a really good day, either Golden or White-tailed Eagle, if it's a mega good day, both Eagles!
Yes, sadly, it is no longer allowed to include the British and European lists together :cry::cry::cry:
I've always imagined the continental "teams" in this to be formed like the golf teams in the Ryder cup, rather than politically. I don't think the government will send the police after me if I provide joint European totals.

However it looks like they may send the police after me if I do the trip I was originally planning, as the restrictions are tightening up from tomorrow in a lot of the UK. We're going to need lots of people going for walks near home to compensate for reduced numbers of people trying to see 50+ species in the day.
Tier 4 here. I'm going to rethink my own route for 1 January, hopefully still have a decent contribution to make. A hundred will be out but I reckon maybe eighty might be do-able.

My usual new year trip to south Devon to get Cirl Bunting and a diver or two would be against the guidelines if not technically the law, so no chance of that now. However I'm within normal travel-for-recreation of some bits of the water park that should be pretty much deserted, so fingers crossed I can contribute Red Crested Pochard at least. If any forum members are near Broadsands on the 1st, maybe go and say hello to the buntings for us?
Not sure what Tier I'm in but presumably Tier 4; which if my German is right, means '4 animals', and is presumably the limit on the number of species I'll be allowed to see.
Nutsy, that should only apply to mammals (I declare), so grey squirrel, rat, fox, and one more? Are deer as out of control where you are as they are where I am?
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