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John's Mammals 2015 (1 Viewer)


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Quiet on here but then October does keep most of you busy!
Could anyone give me an opinion on this;


Polecats have been seen in neighbouring gardens and roads several time this year so I've made a massive wood pile which needs monitoring. Hopefully this trailcam would do it? I also have a large pile of sandstone I made for Common Lizard. It was finished a tad too late this year but it has attracted several Bank Vole. Do you think this cam would take identifiable pics of small mammals as we also commonly have Wood Mouse and House Mouse but I would also hope we may sometimes get Field Vole. So far I've recorded no Shrews.
Whilst not in the correct part of the country we do have 6 mature, coppiced and heavily nutted Hazel Trees so a third may go on these - a huge long shot obv.
Lots of luv from Dave


Mostly Mammals
Sika rut at Arne was good no fighting but plenty of posturing, parallel walking and calling.



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Jos Stratford

Beast from the East
As John, instigator of this thread, has been disappeared, maybe someone could send me a PM with his email or let him know that I am trying to contact him.


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I've just returned from a trip to Brazil (a bit of Atlantic rain forest, but with the Pantanal the main destination).

We saw the `usual' mammals: Jaguar, Black Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, South American Coati, Collared and White-lipped Peccary, Tapir, Giant Anteater, Crab-eating Fox, Yellow Armadillo. We were also lucky with excellent sighitngs of Southern Tamandua.

What might be of particular interest is that there is now a lodge where there are habituated ocelots. This apparently started with them seeking out fish-cleaning stations, and fishermen subsequently throwing them unwanted bits. I didn't take a flashling on this trip, and sightings are at dusk or in the dark, so my pictures aren't that good. (The same lodge also gave us the best sightings of Toco Tucans (used to being given leftover fruit after breakfast) and Hyacinth Macaws (breeding just outside the reception building and very used to people).

I haven't yet processed my photos, but here are a few quickly prepared ones.


Checking in on birdforum for the first time in a long time and seeing this reminded me that I've never posted our pantanal trip report. We got much of the above without the ocelots but did get both otters and fluke giant armadillo on the drive back to the airport down the trans-pantanerio. The impression we got from that region was that there are a lot of more unusual mammals to be scored if one can convince the guides to forget about jaguar long enough. I suspect the trick would be getting ones own boat/guide

and yes, it's a horrible photo but still.....


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A couple of ropey pictures of the Irish race of Mountain Hare at Wexford Wildfowl Reseve a few of days ago. The hares seem quite easy to see at the moment. Also, a few weeks ago I also came across a road traffic injured Pine Martin in the middle of the day, north of Athlone. Poor creature was being attended to by caring passers-by.

John, I hope you will return soon to post on this thread again. Regards, Phil


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Mostly Mammals
I did some small mammal trapping locally which several forum members attended but it was not as productive as hoped.

Single field vole, bank vole and common shrew but plenty of wood mice.



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Mostly Mammals
I had an hour free yesterday morning before an appointment in Dorset and visited Blandford, one otter showed well for 30 mins. The locals say upto 4 have been seen every day for the last few weeks mostly mornings but occasionally during the day as well.

Photos later



Mostly Mammals
As promised



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Mostly Mammals
A couple of hours at Burwell Fen, Cambs yesterday was very productive, a stoat, brown hare, roe deer and two weasels and eventually managed a photo.



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As John, instigator of this thread, has been disappeared, maybe someone could send me a PM with his email or let him know that I am trying to contact him.

What has happened to John? Is he ok?

Sorry if I should know - or should not ask...

Farnboro John

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Merry Christmas everybody! I'll start a catch-up in a day or so but I have to concentrate on family things for a while, then there will be accounts and photos aplenty.




Mostly Mammals
I was kindly sent a copy of the British Mammal Guide DVD, I helped the producers a little.
I watched it today and it was very well done and well researched there were only a couple of tiny points I would question.

Not sure if we can put a link on but well worth taking a look.



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Merry Christmas to all and welcome back John.


Ditto, on both counts.

Welcome back, John! Had been trying to work out how we would run a 'John's Mammals 2016' without you...

mark: I doubt the mods would have an issue with you linking to the British Mammals DVD. It's not as if you have a financial vested interest. If in doubt, post a review on the reviews sub-forum?

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