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John's Mammals 2021 (1 Viewer)


Mostly Mammals
Visited Devon, had a cracking time with the Beavers


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    Beaver (5).jpg
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    Beaver (8).jpg
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    Beaver (10).jpg
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Mostly Mammals
I was very luck to have been able to see the Kuhl's Pipistrelle and Geoffroy's Bats in care and at their release in Sussex and a Nathusiu's Pipistrelle as well.


  • Kuhl's Pipistrelle and Nathusius Pipistrelle.JPG
    Kuhl's Pipistrelle and Nathusius Pipistrelle.JPG
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  • Geoffroy's Bat (5).JPG
    Geoffroy's Bat (5).JPG
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  • Kuhl's Pipistrelle (2).JPG
    Kuhl's Pipistrelle (2).JPG
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  • Kuhl's Pipistrelle (5).JPG
    Kuhl's Pipistrelle (5).JPG
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  • Geoffroy's Bat (7).JPG
    Geoffroy's Bat (7).JPG
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Farnboro John

Well-known member
Jealous of Mark's success with the bats, photos too, wow!

Meanwhile back at base the six foxes continue to turn up nightly and I occasionally take photos of them. In the course of which I noticed that Terminator has no lower left canine and that pinged my memory... the long and short of it is that after comparing face markings etc very carefully in old photos and new it appears that "Terminator" is in fact our old friend Psycho (gets worse doesn't it?) who had a lower left canine split from top to bottom so the whole back was off, exposing the nerve. Which may have contributed to his bad temper.... it could well have fallen out by now.

Which makes him also a son of Big Whitey, so Patch and Smudge are in fact his brothers though not litter-mates. It doesn't show!



Mostly Mammals
More Garden badger action almost every night along with muntjac, fox and the occasional hedgehog. Roe and Red Deer in Scotland, red squirrel and excellent bottlenosed dolphins at Channonry point. The local hares have been very active recently.


  • Bottlenosed Dolphin (10).JPG
    Bottlenosed Dolphin (10).JPG
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    Brown Hare (11).JPG
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  • Hedgehog (2).JPG
    Hedgehog (2).JPG
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  • Roe Deer (2).JPG
    Roe Deer (2).JPG
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Carpe Carpum
Staff member
Set off fairly early for Cemlyn Bay this morning. Really pleased to see a Hedgehog a couple of miles from the house. First one I’ve seen in a while.


Mostly Mammals
A nice roadside pine marten late one night and lots of photogenic red squirrels from my recent trip to Scotland


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