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July 2019 (the REAL one) at Gramborough (1 Viewer)


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The last Cuckoo was seen on 27 June. On 3rd, I had brief flight views of only my third GSWoodpecker for the site (in over 20 years). I was unsure whether it had flown in/off, or was just having a fly-around from nearby. An ‘interesting’ looking heron on 4th immediately disappeared - as then did any more interesting birds, for well over three weeks.

27: Common Sandpiper.
26: 02♪.
24/5: Common Sandpiper.
22/3: 02♪.
18-20: 02♪.
17: Humming-bird Hawk-moth.
12-16: 02♪.
11: Wren, Greenshank, 00s of Large Whites ↑E.
10: Wren.
9: 02♪.
8: Whitethroat, Wren.
5-7: 02♪.
4: Large Heron sp (poss. Purple) on top of shingle, nearer to Quags, at 0715h. Flushed by runner, before camera could even be focussed, and must have flipped over to seaward side of bank.
3: GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, 2 juv. Blue Tits, juv. Whitethroat, Hobby ↑W.
2: 02♪.
1: 02♪.


  • DSC02103ed juv Blue Tit.jpg
    DSC02103ed juv Blue Tit.jpg
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  • DSC02523ed25 Whitethroat.jpg
    DSC02523ed25 Whitethroat.jpg
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  • DSC03767ed25 Humming-bird Hawk-moth.jpg
    DSC03767ed25 Humming-bird Hawk-moth.jpg
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    DSC04285ed25 female Flecked General.jpg
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Here beginneth Autumn:

Then, a little bit of Easterly drift, cloud cover, and the first proper autumn migrants popped up - heralded by a profusion of Ladies.

(I know it’s more properly ‘Ladys’ - but, pedant though I am, I can’t bring myself to write that !)

With the severe head congestion that afflicted me, it took well over an hour to be able to hear the Quail. The lovely young Cuckoo did not appear to have been reared on The Hill: it was being mobbed, not fed, by its accompanying Mipits.

31: 02♪.
30: Wheatear, juv. CUCKOO.
29: Common Sandpiper.
28: 2 Green Sandpipers ↑W, Greenshank ↑W, 50+ Painted Ladies, 2 PIED FLYCATCHERS, QUAIL (heard ‘wetting’ from grazing meadow).


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    DSC04796ed40 juv Cuckoo.jpg
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  • DSC04813ed40 juv Cuckoo and mobby Mipits.jpg
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