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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

July Moths (2 Viewers)

Yesterday's trap (opened yesterday morning that is) included 48 moths of 26 species. 11 of those were NFY: 2 Silver Y, Dun-bar, Black-neck, Pale Prominent, Birds Wing, Mother of Pearl, September Thorn, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Brown China-mark, European Corn Borer and Bird Cherry Ermine. Numbers-wise, 7 Riband Wave, 9 Heart and Dart and 5 Chrysoteuchia culmella led the field. I was out mothing with friends and pheromones later on and picked up Red-tipped Clearwing (tick) and Lunar Hornet Moth. Very nice too!

This morning just 33 moths of 17 species, but NFY 2 Tree Lichen Beauty are no doubt the first of many, 2 Scarce Footman and Euzophera pinguis added interest but best was a very typical looking Oegoconia quadripuncta tick, and a pox on gen detting, so there.

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Another decent night, 155 moths of 34 species. Ptycholomoides aeriferanus was a tick and Lesser Yellow Underwing was new for the year. Just 56 Garden Grass-veneers and 28 Dark Arches, with Large Yellow Underwing hitting double figures for the first time this year.


  • Ptycholomoided aeriferanas 100723 01.JPG
    Ptycholomoided aeriferanas 100723 01.JPG
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An interesting night and some toil over micros to get to the final score this morning: 42/24 spp. Four ticks: Bramble Shoot Moth, Phycita roborella, Carcina quercana, and Eudonia mercurella - all micros. Four NFY: Scorched Carpet, Black Arches, Broad-bodied Yellow Underwing and Straw Underwing. Otherwise, six Heart and Dart and six Chyrsoteuchia culmella the only numbers.

Opened the front door this morning & a bright flash of red! My first Jersey Tiger of the year. It had been on the ivy beside the front door.

Walking along the Thames from Richmond to Ham, spotted another individual perched conspicuously on the evergreen tree, Phillyrea.
Seventeen of seven last night (same as night before but with differing species). Yesterday’s highlights were 2 Festoon…….today’s a Silver Y with 6 Least Carpet.
Going through a quiet patch with very modest catches but 41 of 18 today included my first Plain Pug in 19 years trapping here.
Still don't get massive numbers of moths (except garden grass veneer which are ubiquitous at the moment. However I am getting a couple of new speciesd in the trap each time I put is out. Have getting on for 120 different since I started this early April.
The highlight from a rather disappointing session in an Ealing Park, a couple of Tree Lichen Beauties- an established resident here.
Yesterday morning Hummingbird Hawk Moth in Norfolk nectaring at lavender in a tub outside the breakfast room window of the Hoste Arms Hotel in Burnham Market. Zoomed in, fed, zoomed away again. A nice accompaniment to a full English!

Four-spotted footman for me this morning, Romsey, Hampshire.
Excitement tempered slightly on discovering this species has been spreading across the county double fast. Surprised how big it was. 50%? Bigger than typical footmen.

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Not been trying very often due to poor nights but had a go last night - just 32 of 19 but a nice male Drinker was my first for six years and only my 7th ever. Buff Ermine also NFY.
A couple of wet night but putting the trap in the entrance to the greenhouse keeps most of the rain off. Two nights ago 89 of 28 species, with just Old Lady NFY. Last night 88 of 38 species with Cloaked Minor being a tick and Large Twin-spot Carpet, Lozotaeniodes formosana, Clavigesta purdeyi and Ypsolopha sequella NFY.


  • Clavigesta purdeyi 220723 01.JPG
    Clavigesta purdeyi 220723 01.JPG
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  • Cloaked Minor 220723.JPG
    Cloaked Minor 220723.JPG
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  • Large Twin-spot Carpet 220723 01.JPG
    Large Twin-spot Carpet 220723 01.JPG
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  • Lozotaeniodes formosana 220723 01.JPG
    Lozotaeniodes formosana 220723 01.JPG
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  • Ypsolopha sequella 220723 02.JPG
    Ypsolopha sequella 220723 02.JPG
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51 species identified in the traps in a west London reserve this morning plus at least another dozen unidentified micros. A few London specialities such as Oak Processionary (just the one!), Gypsy Moth, Tree Lichen Beauty & the ever increasing Jersey Tiger.

Good to see Waved Black, a couple of Nut Tree Tussock, Acleris forsskaleana & Canary-shouldered Thorn.

Most abundant were Carcina quercana, Common Rustic agg, Black Arches & Endotricha flammula.

Red-legged Shieldbug, 3 Common Wasps & a green lacewing the obvious bycatch.
Two NFY in the trap last night: Scalloped Oak and Sallow Kitten. Otherwise down to 3 worn Heart and Dart, 5 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 2 Canary-shouldered Thorn, 2 Tree Lichen Beauty and 3 Common Rustic agg from a total of 35/17 spp.


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